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6 Steps to Help a Multi-Location Business Dominate Local Search
One of our customers asked a question: "How do I get on Google Places with multiple business locations?" A simple answer might be: "Yes, sure! All you need to do is to visit Google My Business Locations (formerly Google Places) within your Google+ business account where you can import and verify your business locations list.
Your Best SEO Marketing Strategy For 2015
Looking backwards at how things changed in the SEO world in 2014 and how many times Google updated its algorithm (13 times!), I think many SEOs saw their hair turn grey. But those who did manage to stay on their high horse after all Google's updates know how important it is to stick to the successfully ...
Digital Marketing 2015: 4 Trends To Capitalize On
The main predictable online marketing trend for 2015 and ongoing years is the increased importance of content marketing and its distribution through cross-channel social platforms. Content strategy should be first in your online marketing strategy as all other trends that will be listed here lean on its quality pillars.Let's face and follow them today in ...
5 Ways Mobile Readiness Impacts SEO
What does search engine optimization (SEO) and mobile readiness have in common? A lot more than you think. In 2014, mobile readiness officially arrived, which means that most people now do their research on smartphones before making a buying decision (regardless of where that final purchase is made), and there are more people using mobile ...
What is the difference between SEO analysis and an SEO audit?
An audit is a subset of SEO analysis, because it means you are checking for obvious technical problems that can be added to a checklist. These factors are known red signals for the indexing and ranking of your website by Google. SEO analysis goes further than simply going down a checklist of obvious technical issues. An analysis will look for more ways to improve a website to improve rankings, often focusing on a list of keywords that you want your site to be found for.
3 Reasons to Optimize for Amazon in 2015
No matter what type of business you operate, you know the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and local SEO (LSEO). However, the vast majority of businesses in the US (and SEO agencies) focus on optimizing for Google. It makes sense since Google is the most popular search engine in the country, and chances are ...
What is a SEO audit report? - Quora
A site audit is a comprehensive site analysis aimed at identifying technical, navigation and marketing mistakes. The analysis reveals the weaknesses of a sit...
Enterprise SEO Tools 2015: A Buyer's Guide
If you are considering licensing an SEO software tool, this report will help you decide whether or not you need to. The report has been updated since its last publication in May 2014 to include the latest industry statistics, developing market trends, and new vendor profiles and product updates.
Google teams with Disney to make intergalactic cartoon to inspire kids to code - GeekWire
This one might be a show for kids that's just as fun for adults to watch. Google has partnered with Disney to make a new cartoon series, Miles from Tomorrowland , to inspire kids to code. In this outer space adventure, Miles explores the galaxy with his family and best friend in tow.
6 Myths About Using Social Bookmarks
Today you've been looking through an interesting site and tomorrow you won't be able to find it. Of course, you can store your bookmarks in your computer or browser...but what if the operating system, at one point, stops loading - you have to reinstall it.
How to Track the YouTube Rank Love for Your Video Content with Web CEO
At the request of many of our customers, Web CEO has added the long-waited YouTube rank tracking feature. We want our customers to get real-time data on how well this or that type of content is optimized for search engines. It is a fact that video content now plays a key role for an online ...
How can we improve our YouTube video's rank?
YouTube is one of the biggest search engines and it will only grow bigger. Statistics show that YouTube has more than 1 billion users and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. There are many unique combinations and practices to reach high rankings on YouTube.
How can we improve our YouTube video's rank?
YouTube is one of the biggest search engines and it will only grow bigger. Statistics show that YouTube has more than 1 billion users and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. There are many unique combinations and practices to reach high rankings on YouTube.
A/B Testing as easy as ABC: Improve Your Landing Page Conversions
If you've been in business for more than 2 days, you already know that the key to success is to understand the needs of your target audience. If you own a crystal ball, great for you! You can always be informed about what your audience wants and how they feel when interacting with your site.
7 Ways To Use Emotion To Drive Conversions

Illogical and unlikely as it seems, decision-making in humans is ruled by the emotional brain. People decide first based on how they feel, and then justify that decision with what seems like a consciously balanced weighing of pros and cons.

Best SEO Toolsets - Strategy Digital

There are plenty of comprehensive SEO toolsets on the market, so how do you pick the right one for your business? To help you decide, we take a look at the features and benefits of the most popular toolsets on the market.

Four W's That Will Make You a Professional SEO: Advanced SEO Training Course - Web CEO blog - SEO and Online Marketin...

What Successful SEO is a matter of constantly synchronizing ALL Advanced SEO Strategies while harnessing the changes in ways that create an advantage for you and, most importantly, discarding old strategies that could get you tossed into the penalty box. As a provider of a comprehensive SEO platform we are eager to substantiate our tools ...

6 SEO Tips to Improve Your Internal Links Structure and Tie Visitors to Nearly Every Page of Your Site - Web CEO blog...

What is the biggest challenge for today's website owners and digital marketers? It is to keep your target visitors as long as possible on your site and direct them softly to the end point of the conversion funnel that is a call-to-action.

Google Tests Search Results Listings Without Descriptions

Gianluca Fiorelli spotted a new Google test, or maybe a Google bug, where Google removed the descriptions from the search results listing page. All you see are clickable titles and URLs, but nothing in between. Typically, you'd see a description snippet, a line or two, describing the web page you are looking at in the Google search results.

Why and How I Changed Everything to Personal Branding

Marketing, WordPress Last updated on I recently decided to migrate my "OKay Marketing" branding ( back to my personal branding on This included changing domains, social profiles, etc... I will walk you through below how I changed everything as I have surpisingly had quite a few people asking how I did it.

10 Trends & Tips To Consider In Creating A Winning Mobile Strategy For Local Search & Marketing

Local Search Association's (LSA) 2014 "Local Media Tracking Study" conducted by Burke, Inc. found that on average, mobile phones/smartphones are used to search the internet - across search engines, internet yellow pages, ratings and review sites and daily deals - 42% of the time compared to just 34% in 2013.

In charge of truth? Google considers ranking sites on facts, not popularity

Reuters/Mark Blinch Google is considering putting itself in charge of online truth, in order to assist users in an age of information overload. The web giant would rank search results based on each site's 'truth score' instead of its popularity level.