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Plastic Apothecary Jars

Apothecary Jars are popular for storage and decoration.
Plastic apothecary jars work just as well in lots of cases as glass ones.
You will also find vintage or antique apothecary jars and jar sets.
Just Apothecary Jars
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Decorating With Apothecary Jars - Driven by Decor
Apothecary jars are an inexpensive way to add an exciting decorative element to your home. While they aren't at all new in the home decor marketplace, lately I've been seeing more and more unique shapes and sizes.

Apothecary jars have a long history in the world. These useful items have been used by people around the world for centuries to store a wide variety of items. They can come in various sizes, styles, models, and made from a wide variety of different materials. Some of the most popular ones today are made from hand blown glass. Apothecary jars can hold basic household essentials such as herbs and soaps, or if they are clear then they can be filled with decorative items and displayed.

These types of jars are similar to the ones found in many of today's popular fantasy role playing games. In these games players usually have to smash jars to find the hidden object inside of them. These jars are usually about 15" tall and 6" in diameter making them big enough to hold a variety of different objects.

If you want jars that will be solely for storage purposes than a clear one probably isn't the best choice. You might want to go with one that isn't see-thru so the entire world doesn't see your big jar of tag bags sitting on the counter. Plus many of these have unique designs painted on them. They come in a wide variety of themes making it easy to find one that match your room's décor.

Apothecary jars can also be an excellent place to store all your loose change. No one wants to have loose change cluttering up their house. Pennies can be found lingering anywhere, but if you get a nice jar and make it habit to put all the change there then you'll be all set. Not only does this get the change out of sight, but it makes it easier for you save. People don't realize how quickly spare change can add up, but once you start saving it you'll be amazed at the money you always had just lying around the hores.

Adding these jars to your home can not only give you valuable storage space, but add to the overall appeal of your style. The wide variety of jars available on the market today will allow you the chance to find the perfect ones for your home at the price you want to pay.

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