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#ELTchat Summaries 2011

Ways to develop learner autonomy - tips for learning outside class time. #ELTchat Summary 26/01/2011
Summary for this chat contributed by Vladimira Michalkova and first posted on her blog, Vladimira's Blog. Vladimira is @vladkaslniecko on Twitter! Many thanks!!!! 26/01/2011 - Another great #ELTchat - Ways to develop learner autonomy - tips for learning outside class time. "I never teach my students.
The role and function of humour in the EFL class: from "Ha, ha!" to "Aha!" Summary
Possibly one of the most difficult aspects of a foreign language to get to grips with is humour. Word plays, double meanings, intonation, setting and aspects of culture all have an impact on whether a situation is viewed as 'funny' or not and deciphering all the clues can be difficult.
Motivating Teens to Use English (and not L1) in Class - #ELTchat Summary 19/01/2011
Last night's #ELTchat was lively and full of ideas as usual, but, unfortunately, we have no transcript to show for it as the site we use, What the Hashtag seems to have been experiencing difficulties and most of the tweets were missing.
To Test or not to Test? And if we don't what then? - #ELTchat Summary 19/01/2011
This summary was kindly contributed by one of our #ELTchat followers, @SueAnnan Many thanks for organising all the ideas so neatly, Sue! This was the subject of the 12GMT #ELTchat of 19th January 2011. 60 educators from around the world took part in the discussion and many others followed the chat.
Teaching English through songs in the digital age - #ELTchat summary 12/01/2011
This absolutely fantastic summary was contributed by Vicky Saumell on her blog in 4 consective posts which I have merged into one single post. As Viky herself remarks below in her post, it is an amazing collection of resources all shared by you, #ELTchatters! What a fantastic resource this has turned into!
Using songs in the EFL/ESL classroom - #ELTchat summary 12/01/2011
Here is an additional summary for the songs topic contributed by @fionamau - you may enjoy reading this one as she has included the IDs of those who suggested ideas or commented, so this one is a much more personal account! Many thanks for this!
Principles when preparing your own teaching materials - a summary
For today's chats, we were fortunate to have had one of our fellow #ELTchatters offer to write a summary of the main points from the transcripts. I suggested this as there were quite a few new followers who mentioned that it is sometimes difficult to follow the transcript - there are so many retweets, it's true!
Convincing colleagues that online professional development (PD) is as effective as face-to-face - summary for #ELTcha...
Tell them about all the amazing people you meet / blogs you read / ideas you get / fun you have. Highlight how much you can learn in how little time. A big problem is where to start: blogs may be less overwhelming than Twitter.
"Can translation (and translation tools) facilitate language learning and how can it be used to best effect" - a summ...
This summary has been copied from Shaun Wilden's blog with his permission Wednesday afternoon's #eltchat was on the use of translation. Over my teaching career this has been a topic that has often come up in development session.
How to help students remember and reuse functional language #ELTchat Summary 01/02/2012
This is a summary of the #eltchat which took place at 12noon GMT on Wednesday 1st February, 2012. Thanks to Andrea Wade, alias @worldteacher for posting it on her blog World Teacher and giving us permission to repost here.
Critical Thinking in Teacher Development - Summary of #ELTchat on 08/02/2012
First and foremost, I should 'fess up' about my motives in participating in #eltchat this morning (my time, anyway). have just submitted my proposal for a talk at the 13th Braz-TESOL national convention in my home town of Rio de Janeiro this summer on this very topic, I was eager to pilfer ideas and possible avenues of investigation.
Why and How to Encourage Students' Critical Thinking Skills - #ELTchat Summary 15/02/2012
This is a summary of the #eltchat which took place at 12noon GMT on Wednesday 15th February, 2012. The discussion was moderated superbly by@ShellTerrell and @Shaunwilden and was, as usual, informative and thought-provoking..... Some definitions: 'It's applying reasoned and disciplined thinking to a subject.' (@worldteacher) 'It includes thinking about thinking.'
Demand-High Teaching - Summary of #Eltchat 28/03/2012
This #ELTchat took place at 12:00 P.M. GMT on 28/03/2012 and Jim Scrivener agreed to take part in this as a follow up to the issues he raised in his talk at IATEFL Glasgow.
How can you make the most of films / movies in and out of class? #ELTchat Summary 28/03/2012
This is a summary of the #eltchat which took place at 9pm (GMT) on Wednesday 28 March 2012. It was contributed by Steve Muir @stevemuir !/stevemuir Apart from the odd occasion when I've lurked a little, this was my first #eltchat since I started using Twitter just over a year ago.
Monitoring, Feedback and Debriefing: When and how to do it in class #ELTchat Summary 15/02/2012
The #ELT chat topic on Wednesday, 15 th February was on Monitoring, Feedback and Debriefing: when and how to do it. These issues in teaching are of equal importance just as practising any other skill in class.
Addressing taboo subjects in the classroom #ELTchat Summary 06/10/2010

This is the summary of an #ELTchat from October 2010 - at that time we had not introduced chat summaries to this blog. Here it is kindly contributed by Ty Kendall, @TyKendall on Twitter. Many thanks, Ty! The chat began with a call to define what subjects are considered to be taboo.