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Excavator - All About Earth Moving Equipment

Here are some list of articles that can give you more information about earth moving equipment.
What Are the Different Types of Road Construction - Remote Civils
One of the most popular road construction materials is asphalt, followed by concrete, but roads can also be made from brick, gravel, and other materials. Material selection involves choosing the best option for the given conditions, considering traffic patterns, weather, cost, and noise issues.
Excavation (archaeology)
In archaeology, excavation is the exposure, processing and recording of archaeological remains. An excavation site or "dig" is a site being studied. Such a site excavation concerns itself with a specific archaeological site or a connected series of sites, and may be conducted over as little as several weeks to over a number of years.
How to Operate a Mini Excavator
How to Operate a Mini Excavator. Mini excavators were considered toys by heavy equipment operators a few decades ago when they were first introduced, but they have earned the respect of construction utility contractors and site work...
How to Operate an Excavator | eHow
An excavator is a machine used for digging and refilling large areas of land. Excavators are mostly seen at construction sites and are used by construction workers to help with their heavy labor work. Operating this machine takes practice and experience. Safety is the major concern during operation of heavy equipment.
What are Hydraulic Excavators?
Hydraulic excavators, also called diggers, are used for a variety of applications. These high-performance excavators are especially useful for work areas that are more confined and less amenable to conventional equipment. Hydraulic excavators are used in applications ranging from the construction of roads and pipelines to mining and the excavation of rocks containing diamonds and gold.
Earth Moving Equipment: Six Common Heavy Equipment
Excavators are large earth movement equipment that can be available over wheels or treads; this one is considered the standard in the industry. A traditional excavator usually has a long bucket arm attached to a pivoting cab that can rotate a full 30 degrees.
How Hydraulic Machines Work - HowStuffWorks
­From backyard log splitters to the huge machines you see on construction sites, hydraulic equipment is amazing in its strength ­and agility! On any construction site you see hydraulically operated machinery in the form of bulldozers, backhoes, shovels, loaders, fork lifts and cranes. Hydraulics operate the control surfaces on any large airplane.
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