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Headline for e-learning financial management and business accounting
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e-learning financial management and business accounting

Welcome to EntreprenAble

The EntreprenAble is an online course designed with you in mind.
The financial topics are split into small and simple pieces that you can learn at your own pace.
This course offers you a fun and easy way to master the financial statements & learn strategic planning
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Business Accounting Lab (online education system); Financial Simulator; Master Cash Flow Management
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5 Skills for Great Business Performance
Secure the performance of your business today. Download our Free White Paper. It has been downloaded more than 53 times.
How a Small Business Owner Built a Successful Global Chain
Register, and we'll send you the How a Small Business Owner Built a Successful Global Chain. The free white paper will be emailed to you right away. What's inside this White Paper? Tips to get a business up and running Expand your good "common sense" and acumen for business on sound financial grounds - maintain a consistently positive cash flow.
How financial skills guarantee long-term success - EntreprenAble Business Academy
Are you passionate about your own business and feel that it can grow rapidly? You too can be a success, but there are important things to consider before becoming an entrepreneur. Let's discuss some important success factors. For starters, take the business plan. A plan helps you get to market faster by having everything clearly [...]
Understanding Financial Statements In 5 Easy Steps - EntreprenAble Business Academy
  1. Why is it important to understand financial statements? Financial statements provide information about the economic performance of a company. The purpose is to show how investors' money has been used in trying to obtain profits and growth, in both, the short and long term. Financial statements should be understandable, relevant, reliable and comparable.
What Are Financial Ratios? - EntreprenAble Business Academy
As explained in the article "Understanding Financial Statements In 5 Easy Steps", financial ratios are main tools to analyse the financial strength of a firm. They quantify many aspects of a business and are an integral part of the financial statement analysis. 1. Why calculate financial ratios?
How does a company survive? - EntreprenAble Business Academy
All depends on it being solvent and able to pay its bills in the short, medium and long term. The firm must always have sufficient cash to pay for its operating expenses. Thus the policy of the firm for minimum cash is to have enough cash in any given month to pay for next month [...]
Next month's cash position - EntreprenAble Business Academy
What would support you to have a viable business? For an owner-managed business it is vital to monitor cash flow and identify as early as possible if the the cash flow is going too tight. Knowing the next month's cash position can be a make or break factor.
Take Smart Investment Decisions by Efficiently Analysing Financial Statements | See more about online education.
Financial Skills
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