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Top Special Needs Topics in January!

Check out the top special needs articles, topics and resources in January 2015
12 Israeli Technologies Changing the Lives of the Disabled in 2015
What’s sometimes lost in the cool-whiz-bang-awesomeness of some of the startups coming out of Israel is the fact that some of these companies are dramatically changing lives. Israel has an entire tech sector dedicated to enabling the disabled.
Song and Daughter Inspire Plans to Celebrate People With Disabilities
In July, a month after the Gay Pride March is scheduled to unfold, a different kind of pride procession is set to commence: the Disability Pride NYC parade. The impetus behind the inaugural march, which organizers call the first of its kind in New York City, might seem unlikely: the jazz pianist Mike LeDonne.
Multiply By 9 - Sing Along School (Flocabulary Cover)
These students from @BHSchools with #specialneeds just completed a music video teaching other kids how to multiply by 9. Show them your support by liking and sharing this video.
What you need to Know About Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum
when my wife Sarah was 20 weeks pregnant, we had a routine ultrasound and the doctor told us that it appeared the baby had Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum (ACC). The Corpus Callosum is the main bridge of nerves in the brain that connect the right and left sides of the brain.
13 Viral Special Needs Parenting Posts You Need to Read!
Over the last four years this blog has posted hundreds of parenting articles providing important resources, opinions, tips and humor to parents of children with special needs. Today we present 13 of our most popular parenting posts.
TeachMate365, A Platform For Special Needs Educators, Launches With $3M In Funding
Organizing special needs education is often complicated because teachers have to juggle learning materials for students with different requirements...
10 Types of Recreational Therapy to Help Your Child with Special Needs
Recreational therapy is based on the idea of increasing a person’s independence and ability to function through participation in recreational activities. Here
What an Individual with Special Needs Can Teach Us About True Love
An important lesson we can learn from the souls of individuals with special needs.
CHOP Doc: 'The MMR Vaccine Doesn't Increase Your Risk Of Autism. Not At All'
The anti-vaccine movement got a shot in the arm in the late 90s, when a medical journal published a paper claiming the Measles Mumps Rubella inoculation caused autism. It was discredited, but some people remain unconvinced by the science.
5 myths surrounding vaccines -- and the reality -
Myths about vaccines could keep people from protecting themselves from disease.
WATCH: How A Boy With Disabilities Played A Piano With Just His Eyes
For some individuals with physical disabilities, playing the piano is an impossible challenge. But a new virtual reality device out of Japan may allow some people with special needs to play the instrument using only their eyes. Dubbed " Eye Play The Piano," the device works by tracking eye movements to trigger the notes.
Boy Helps Brother With Cerebral Palsy Take on Wrestling
In June, Hunter Gandee walked 40 miles while carrying his brother, Braden, on his back to raise awareness for cerebral palsy.
3 Books on Sensory Processing Challenges: For Kids Who Feel TOO Much
Temple Grandin, Ph.D. has written, "One of the most debilitating symptoms for some children and adults with autism is sensory oversensitivity, for example to loud noises or fluorescent lights. These oversensitivities make it impossible for a child or adult with the disorder to participate in normal activities ..."
An IEP Refresher: Everything You Need to Know About an IEP
We often hear discussion about IEPs and the good, the bad and the ugly that surrounds them. Many times there is confusion as to what the IEP and its process is all about. From time to time it is important to review the basics of an IEP and how it is supposed to be deployed.
Museum Opens Doors, Turns Down Lights For Autistic Kids
Loud noises, bright lights and crowded spaces can be painful for children with autism. That often means missing out on museums. Some, like Seattle's Pacific Science Center, are addressing the problem.
Case closed on vaccine-autism debate: Doctor
The scientific community has thoroughly debunked any association behind autism and vaccination, Dr. Scott Gottlieb tells CNBC.
My son has autism — and I know what didn't cause it
Carrie Cariello, a mother of five from New Hampshire, writes a blog about her family’s experiences with autism. Her son, Jack, 10, was...
Autism Speaks Urges Parents to Vaccinate Children
Autism advocacy group says vaccines do not cause autism.
Poll finds 20 percent of Ontarians believe vaccines could cause autism | Toronto Star
The poll also found that 53 per cent of Ontarians believe schools should refuse unvaccinated children.