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Updated by Antivia Software on Oct 02, 2015
Headline for Best business intelligence articles 19-26 January
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Best business intelligence articles 19-26 January

Antivia's weekly list of the best business intelligence and data articles - keeping you updated.
Top Big Data and Analytics Trends for 2015
Summary:Here are the interesting Big Data and Analytics trends to be looking out for in 2015. Here's a list of what I find are the most interesting trends in analytics in 2015. Why the italics? because most of what will happen this year can be summarized with a single word: more.
Big Data: Ready to Fill Your Data Lake?
If there's a product or concept, there's probably a buzzword around it. The latest term to rise out of the Big Data trend is "Data Lake," which is more of a concept than a product. In essence, it might be your way to go from processing old data to real-time data analytics.
Small Data: A Case Study
Big Data is a Big Thing, an idea that often goes hand in hand with words like "Enterprise" and "scientist." Today I'd like to share a story from my past to illustrate that data, experimentation, and testing, are entirely accessible to business owners of all flavors and sizes, not just massive corporations with a dedicated team of growth hackers, data scientists and an in-house barista.
Managing the Internet of Things tidal wave
We live at a time where there is vastly more information available than ever before. Tech trends like the Internet of Things are taking us into a world of connectedness, and everyone from Gartner to IDC are predicting big stuff for "the Things" in 2015.
Don't let your Business Intelligence system get a bad name
"Cognos is wrong". This is one of the most frustrating, throw-away phrases I hear whenever I visit a client site. The frustration is two-fold; one side being that the statement is never useful for a developer tasked with debugging. My responses usually include, "How is it wrong?", "Can you provide more information?", and "What do you expect to see?"
Google is Killing Off Google Maps Engine. What does this Mean?
Google Maps Engine is a product that Google released only a couple of years ago to simplify the maps design process for non-GIS users. For enterprise customers, Google Maps Engine was a nice way to create a graphical interface to deliver Google Maps API into more hands of enterprise users in addition to developers.
5 Reasons Your CEO Prefers Data On A Dashboard
The days of CEOs waiting hours for the delivery of a paper report are long gone. Now, many forward-thinking executives are making use of visual dashboards to gain insight into their company, rather than relying on CIOs or IT professionals to do it for them.
Agile BI Series (8/13): Research findings II
In the last article, I have presented answers to the first two questions of the questionnaire. In this text I am going to introduce answers to questions I3 and I4/5 while carrying out preliminary analysis for the latter questions using Ishikawa diagram.