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Updated by Jenna Moakley on Oct 06, 2015
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Google Analytics Customizations - Yet Tried

List of Google Analytics Customizations that I've stumbled across, but haven't tried yet.

Contains (or will be included) the following:

  • Dashboards
  • Custom Reports
  • Segments
  • Goals
  • Channel Grouping

There is another list that contains similar items that I like and actually use.

P.S. Feel free to give feedback on anything if you've already tried it.

[Demographics Pack] Intermediate Remarketing Lists By Dan Stone, GA Team | Google Analytics Solutions Gallery
In analytics, Segmentation = Success.

Get started with this set of 19 remarketing lists broken down by Age, Gender, Operating System, and Browser to help you segment and re-engage with your audience based on who they are.

All lists are 30 day membership duration. Combine these with other analytics dimensions to create even more precisely tailored lists. For example:

- Add a sequence of Step 1: Region = Europe, Step 2: Region = Asia to find users on iOS who've traveled from Europe to Asia in the last 30 days
- Add a condition of source = to find women, 35-44 who've visited from facebook
- Add a condition of custom event action = "WatchedVideo" to find Chrome users who watched your intro video
Audience Analysis Dashboard By Vagelis Varfis | Nudge Digital
analysis of your audience covering the most important metrics and dimensions.
Bot Traffic By Blast Analytics & Marketing | Google Analytics Solutions Gallery
Use this segment to learn if bots such as keynote or gomez are visiting your site. It is generally best to filter these out via a profile/view filter. 

We've included a long list of performance measurement bots that execute GA upon each load. These typically contribute to a high number of sessions, new visitors, and bounce rate
Remove All Semalt Bot Traffic By WideSmiler
Semalt spam bot. This traffic is not from a 'real' visitor. It is an automated bot. This solution allows you to remove it from your traffic through a custom segment, which will also filter out of historic data. By Lauren L Perfors of Lawton Digital Marketing (
All Sessions - Bot removal By
and from the All Traffic Sources report.
Audience Insights By Paolo Margari
visitors provided through the demographic data made available through the DoubleClick integration (this feature is not available in the early stage of Universal Analytics).
Behavior Analysis Dashboard By Vagelis Varfis | Nudge Digital
analysis of your audience's behaviorcovering the most important metrics and dimensions
All-in-one Ecommerce Dashboard

A general overview of key aspects concerning commerce transactions. It is possible to distinguish different products, categories or products SKU's by building and applying custom Advanced Segments

Work-hour Visitors, Non Work-hour Visitors

Visitors may be researching your products and services during working hours, but then converting during non-working hours. What can we glean from their behaviour to improve conversion rates?

  • Is there a correlation between products researched during working hours and products bought during non-work hours? If yes, consider increasing your advertising investment for those products during non-work hours.
  • How do work hour visitors return to your site during non-work hours? For example, do they predominantly return through search engines? If so, ensure your SEO is in order and that you are also investing in paid search results.
  • Do non-work hours visitors tend to convert at a better rate, even if traffic is lower? If yes, consider options such as remarketing and email reminders to get work-hour visitors to return to the site during non-work hours.
Referral Traffic Dashboard

This dashboard allows you to see which domains and which pages in these domains are referring traffic to your site, how much traffic they're referring, which landing pages are the most popular referral destinations and the extent to which those referred visitors interact with your site.

Monthly Overview

This is a small SME type business with no large figures in turnover, so only basic info is gathered in order to give metrics towards basic marketing strategies.

Behavior: Page Effectiveness

Discover your top and bottom performing pages across many different measures.

Social Media Dashboard

How is social performing for your brand? This dashboard gives you a view of Off-site activity, On-site activity, and Conversions/Outcomes, making it easier to evaluate user activity throughout the conversion process.

PPC Keyword/Matched Query Report

Use this report to quickly learn which user queries are being matched to your ads, then refine your Match Type (Broad, Phrase or Exact) to help better match your ads to the most relevant user queries.

Rather than just a simple data dump, I want to explore this segment of people: the people who take the time to share my content.

I want to understand:

  1. Have these people been to the site before?
  2. Where do they come from?
  3. What do they share?
  4. How do they share it?
  5. What impact does it have on my business?

I added all of this information to the custom report.

[Engagement Pack] Core Remarketing Lists

Start supercharging your remarketing with the power and precision of Remarketing with Google Analytics.

This core set of 20 lists is based around user engagement and allows you to re-engage differently with your users based on important behaviors like recency, frequency, visit duration, and page depth.

Create custom combinations with these lists to create even more powerful targets, e.g., (540 day visitors) - (360 day visitors) produces "Not seen in 360 days", (All visitors) - (Page depth > 1) = "Bouncers", or combine them with other packs, e.g., "Spent $1000 and not seen in 180 days", "Bounced Referrals", and much more.

Keep in mind: RLSA will automatically adjust membership duration to be a maximum of 180 days (vs. 540 days available on Display), so if you are using these lists for RLSA, the 360 and 540 day lists will be identical to the 180 day list when used in Search.

[Ecommerce Pack] Intermediate Remarketing Lists

Expansion set of 7 remarketing lists to help you identify your loyal customers and re-engage with them differently. Based on total purchase amount and number of purchases across multiple sessions, using 540 day membership duration.

Custom combo with the [Engagement Pack] to create "Past purchaser not seen in X days" type lists.

All lists are using 30 day lookback, meaning users are evaluated over all behavior in the last 30 days.

Pack Contents:
Spent >$0
Spent >$50
Spent >$100
Spent >$500
Spent >$1000
Purchased >=2x
Purchased >=3x

Learn more about targeting strategies here:

[Channels Pack] Intermediate Remarketing Lists

Set of 8 Remarketing lists to allow you to re-engage differently by incoming traffic channel, including a dedicated Remarketing channel.

All lists use a 30 day membership duration and GA's default channel grouping except for Remarketing, which is defined by Campaign containing "Remarketing". After importing, you can customize these definitions to suit your business.

Pack Contents:
Organic Search
Paid Search
Other Channel

Learn more about targeting strategies here: