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Titan Web Marketing Solutions blog posts

A compiled list of Titan Web Marketing Solution's latest blog posts.
6 Social Media Resolutions For a Rewarding 2015
As 2014 comes to a close and everyone is rushing to finish up those last minute projects, it's the perfect time to review your social media plan. Evaluating the success (or utter failure) of your social media plan requires more than counting the number of likes you received and comparing it to last year.
Looking to Give Your Online Marketing Strategy a Boost? Add Video!
The amount of content we interact with in a single day is astronomical. Endless tweets, remarketing ads, blogs, white papers, and more are now part of our daily routine. Out of those types of content, which are we most likely to remember and interact with? Video.
Marketing Through an Office Supply Company? Not Worth It. | Titan Web Marketing Solutions
Did you know that certain office supply stores now offer online marketing services such as web design and search marketing? Business owners lacking a digital marketing strategy may find these services affordable and convenient. Yet, trusting an office supply company with your marketing is an expensive and detrimental decision.
The Road Map to a Landing Page That Actually Works
Ah, the landing page. As the subject of many a blog post and e-book, landing pages have become a hot topic in the online marketing realm, and for a good reason. From selling your latest product, to convincing customers to sign up for your email newsletter, you can use a landing page for almost any marketing purpose. Is your landing page great enough to convert a customer? If not, use these tips to start building a landing page that actually works.
3 Reasons Why Content Helps the Success of any Marketing Plan
No matter how much money you are spending on your marketing campaign, if you aren't delivering quality content, you are wasting a precious resource: money. Whether your marketing effort consists of a barebones Facebook page, or a full-fledged plan across all online mediums to build a globally established brand, content is essential to creating a steady client base. Written by our Content Writing intern, Michael Davidson
You've Got Mail: Not Junk Mail
How many of your email marketing efforts have ended up in the junk mail folder? Far too many to actually admit? That's alright. Use these tips from Titan Web Marketing Solutions to steer clear of the spam folder and send your emails right to your audience's inbox.
Are You 100% Positive People Can Find Your New Website?

You've just launched your small business website. It's special to you. Look how pretty it is, just sitting there on the World Wide Web... along with a billion other websites . Suddenly it doesn't seem so special does it? But don't worry. It's still special and there are things you can do to help customers find it online.

Your Response on Social Media Could Make or Break You

Ah, the life of a social media manager. You work endlessly to elicit a tweet, a like, a repin or a comment from your audience. From morning until night you craft content targeted towards your audience, and strategically schedule content to publish on social media at the perfect time.

#TheDress - A Social Media Director and Creative Director Weigh in on the Viral Explosion

That dress. That frustrating dress. As the focus of 95% of today's conversations, this dress has sparked quite the debate in our office and across the nation. Since Titan Web Marketing Solutions is a digital marketing agency, naturally we all saw this debate from our various specializations/sides.

A 2015 Social Media Recap, So Far

2015 has certainly brought significant change to the social media world. If you haven't been paying close attention, you may have missed a few notable things. Along with an in-depth analytics system, Pinterest has introduced Promoted Pins to a large portion of their waiting list.

Think Before You Brand

Before you draft vague taglines and create in Microsoft Paint, take a beat and think. Every day, you are bombarded with an ungodly amount of brands through content, commercials, billboards - everything. Everything and everyone seems to have a brand these days. I mean, even people's pets have brands.

What Exactly Does a Content Writer Do Each Day?

Check out our gif-filled post detailing the daily life of a content writer at Titan Web Marketing Solutions. Beware! Nerf guns, hedgehogs and endless coffee lie ahead!

Don't Be Fooled - Rebranding is NOT Easy

Rebranding is NOT easy.

I repeat: rebranding is NOT easy! Don't be fooled by what others may be saying, rebranding takes a long time and is a hefty investment. Believe us — we just rebranded too!

Tell Them About Yourself

First impressions can make or break a relationship. When it comes to establishing a relationship with a potential customer, you need this first impression to be a good one. Link building is a proven method of bringing traffic to a site with the ultimate goal of converting potential customers into clients.

A $46,000 Logo. A Frustrated State. An Unfortunate Situation. | Titan Web Marketing Solutions

Tennessee residents are frustrated over the new state logo designed by Nashville agency, GS&F . However, the simplistic red, white and blue logo with the state abbreviation is not the main focus of the uproar. It's the price tag - a $46,000 price tag to be exact. Where do you stand on the debate?

An E-Commerce Giant Viewed Through a Filter - How Instagram Slowly and Safely Grew Into Its Advertising Clothes

Instagram recently launched their comprehensive advertising platform on the influential social media network. While this addition may come as a surprise to some, this launch actually took quite a lot of calculated time.

14 Ways to Combat Stress in a Growing Business

Growing a business is stressful. There's no doubt about that! However, you can learn to control and combat this stress with the following 14 tips from Titan Web Marketing Solutions.