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Headline for 12 Amazing Sandwich Recipes
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12 Amazing Sandwich Recipes

Who doesn't like a good stuffed sandwich? They are an entire meal stuffed between two slices of bread! Here is a list of amazing, mouth-watering sandwich recipe for all you sandwich lovers out there.
Panera tuna sandwich
If you like tuna sandwiches you are going to be liking this CopyCat Panera Tuna Salad Sandwich Recipe.
Toasted Italian Sandwich
This is an amazing italian style sandwich which everyone must try and eat atleast once in their lifetime. Trust me it's that good!
Cuban Sandwich
This over the top gooey Cuban sandwich is going to make your panini press your new favorite appliance
Buffalo Chicken Panini
Buffalo Chicken Panini - A delicious and simple sandwich you won't be able to get enough of!
Roasted Garlic Steak Sandwich
Every family's favourite outdoor snack - Steak sandwiches. Make use of this amazing steak sandwich recipe to impress your family members.
Chipotle Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini
This sandwich is simply fantastic. The flavors are all brought together in a nice hot panini where all the flavors can meld together in melted Chipotle Gouda goodness.
Grilled Cheese with Gouda, Roasted Mushrooms and Onions
This Grilled Cheese with Gouda, Roasted Mushrooms and Onions recipe takes grilled cheese sandwiches to a new level of goodness. A great classic grilled cheese sandwich is hard to beat. A grilled cheese sandwich jacked up with Gouda cheese and roasted mushrooms and onions? Well, that’s a grilled cheese sandwich that is even harder to beat.
French Onion Chicken Sandwich
Grill up your chicken, then top it with Swiss cheese and the onions for hearty french onion chicken sandwiches that taste like soup!
Chicken, Sun-dried Tomato, & Asparagus Pesto Sandwich
A creamy, garlicky, asparagus pesto brings together this sun-dried tomato, chicken, and mozzarella sandwich into an irresistible meal! I gather Ive been somewhat flaky apologies, but like Ive mentioned, I am trying to soak up as much time with our family and friends in the next couple of months before we leave!
Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwich
A guacamole grilled cheese sandwich is a must try for everyone. It is crunchy, it is delicious and it will tickle your taste buds, it is that good!
Slow Cooker Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches
This is one of my go-to easy meals! It is so simple to throw together and cooks all day, making your meat so tender that it practically falls apart.
Low Calorie Meatball Sandwich
Tasty and satisfying each meatball sandwich has just 5 Points + and is a great “manly” food that all weight watchers can enjoy