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travelling is a movement of people from one place to other can be one day trip or a round trip.travelling gives refreshment.
Beware! Don't Visit these cities ever
Do you know what befriends a traveller? It is learning, pleasure and experience that accompany a traveller. Travelling makes you come across a set of cool people with whom you become friends. To walk around the globe is confronting the impossibility and you tend to confront ubiquity of homelessness and multiplicity of your personal...
Overcoming Your Fears Of Foreign Lands
For something that's considered one of the most ideal avenues of leisure and relaxation, travel sure scares a lot of people. I've been lucky enough to visit over 10 different countries in the short span of time I've been around- which isn't bad given my average lifestyle and want of age and independence- and have...
10 Cities You Must See
Online sites are crowded by too many resorts and travel options available these days. What the greatest annoyance is that the must visit places go back. Also, you can see that the greatest destinations on the earth are not found among these. Here is a list of the 10 must see places in your lifetime....
Exotic Wedding Destinations for Indian Merrymakers
Indian weddings are a show of pomp and glory. Bullets fired in the air, dramatic fireworks and the scintillating baaraat processions are synonymous with the Indian weddings. With crowded streets stifling the enthusiasm and the limited space in the city marriage halls, the marriages have been pushed to destinations that are not just exotic...
10 Incredibly Secret Places You Have Never Heard Of
Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, the Colosseum are the often visited places, for those who love to keep their bucket list updated with the places they have visited. But, there are a few spectacular locations around the world which you'd have never heard of. Get your cameras ready and find these places to experience...
Why Leh Beats Every Foreign Locale Hands Down?
Of all the unexplored places of India, Leh is the one that is unsurpassed. Most of the times even the Indians think of the Alps, when they want to walk on the snow laden honeymoon destinations. There are lots to explore in Leh, and when you have finished reading this you would not mind starting...
Trail the Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway: 10 amazing places on the route
Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway is the quintessential driving paradise that remains unconquered and it is preferable that way. Mostly used by the commercial haulers carrying cargo and passengers across the cities, the highway connects Mumbai with Ahmedabad. The route stretches further north to cover Udaipur, Jaipur, Agra and New Delhi.
Places That Look Awesome in Indian Winters
India is a diverse country which enjoys all types of weathers. At any part of the year, different places in India would have completely different weather. The majority of the country is hot, so Indians always look up to the winters for making the most of their free time.
5 Destinations for a Scintillating Honeymoon
We tell you 5 locales that we believe would leave you spellbound! Sail Down Under: Fiji Islands Stepping into the realm of matrimony depends a lot on the kind of adventure you had in the first year. Make a move into Fiji to enjoy some of the best honeymoon in the Pacific.
10 Refreshing Hindi Songs For Your Road Trip
Are you planning for a road trip? If not listen to these 10 songs and you will plan one. These 10 songs should definitely be on your playlist if you are going on a road trip : 1 - Maahi Ve - Highway 2 - Dil Chahta Hai 3 - Yu Hi Chala...
The Diary Of A Budget Traveller
Being an avid traveller, exploring different places, mingling with people of distinct culture and savouring different cuisines has become an indispensable part of my lifestyle. However, accomplishing all these hobbies is a costly affair so I restrict myself to a set budget for all my trips.
Why it's Best To Go On a Solo Road Trip This New Year
You've already done your bit to usher 2015. Whether it was partying all night long you're your gang, or staying in with your loved one, snuggling in a cosy blanket. You've been there and done that. But what next? How do you plan to head start the year? Not thought yet?