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Updated by Paul Hugh O'Mahony on Mar 30, 2018
Headline for Podcasting : 10 things not to do on a great podcast
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Podcasting : 10 things not to do on a great podcast

A list inspired by the idea of writing a list of 10 ideas a day - big thanks to James Altucher & Claudia Altucher - do read her book
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Remain at a superficial level - no rich content


Fail to challenge views or create drama


Be rude or ungrateful to a guest


Forget points on your list of how to deliver a great podcast


Speak really quickly - rush


Get so immersed in the podcast that you forget the listeners


Let a guest (or yourself) monologue for too long


Use unexplained jargon


Try to impress people with your obscure erudition & fancy words


Put on an artificial voice to impress people