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different people have different life style.
Connecting Kamasutra in Corporate World: Sizzle with performance
Kama Sutra is the last thing a trainer would use to embrace the emotions of the corporate world. While the text is the ultimate manual for penetrating into the depths of a romantic relationship, the potential of turning the lessons into a corporate training manual could be fun and enticing.
Believe in the Power Within - the Subconscious Mind, the Inner God
Our body is a gift from God and the image of God dwells in it, in the form of Spirit. We are unaware of the power we have, the power of mind, will and focus. With constant practicing of yoga and a healthy lifestyle, we can slowly come to substantiate our inner strength.
The Little Things That Matter
When it comes to the biggest of achievements or the grandest of moments of happiness then we feel great but ever wondered about the littlest pleasures in life that go by without blowing a trumpet buy have a deep significance in our lives. Be it the mundanity of the routine boring lives or the thrill...
People Are Awesome
Just watch this video and you will know, there are so many things you can do in your life. Source: Tell us what was the first thought that came in your mind after watching this video. comments People are awesome
Busting 10 Myths of College Romance
College romances have a charm of their own. While most start remain a gleaming spark, others become full-fledged volcanoes. Each couple have a million stories to tell from the sneaky affairs inside the perimeters. While nothing can replace the innocent staring and day-dreaming accounts, there are few outrageous myths about college romances.
Karna - A Mysterious Character
Karna, the Surya Putra, even now is referred to many as Suta Putra - a term that was showered on him by Arjuna during their first meeting. I really am confused about this mysterious Mahabharata element. He is a popular, yet one of the most complicated epic characters which has shades of grey along with...
10 Less Known Facts About Mahabharata
The epic of Mahabharata lives on as a story. Not a fairy tale, but a sequence of human emotions intertwined with time and actions. While we know just one-tenth of the original epic, there are some riveting facts that I am sure not many would have the clue about.
WTF Places You Never Thought Could Exist in India
India is known to bring together varied cultures, rich heritage, variety of cuisines, dances, lifestyles, and architecture. No one can deny the fact that this country welcomes people who have eyes for all these. But, this is not all what you have got to see in India.
Rakshasas and Devas
We have heard about Rakshashas and Devas in Indian scriptures, where the Rakshashas are depicted as the demoniac characters and Devas are the saviors with divine qualities. As depicted in the scriptures, the Rakshasha dies a pathetic death in the hand of the Devas and then there came peace and goodness.
9 THINGS We All Remember About Our School Examinations!
As an adult, reminiscing the school days is always nostalgic. From the fragrance of the textbook pages to the burnt feeling of that eraser on the desk... the mere sight of the school uniforms can drag most of us back to the phase when we had not even lost our baby tooth!!!
Bhishma - An Embodiment of Sacrifice or An Example of Selfishness
Bhishma, the great grandsire of the Kurus, is, perhaps one of the most complicated characters in Mahabharata. While I do appreciate his immense inner strength and self control with which he kept up his vow of celibacy, there are certain elements/instances in Mahabharata that do question the acts of this mighty warrior.
10 Spiritual Books To Know Your Inner Self
Spirituality can be embraced in many ways. Many a time, you will be unknowingly stepping into this beautiful world. Spiritual books, in their true essence, send out a vibration that will manifest in your thoughts, leading you into this soulful journey. Here are the top 10 spiritual books that changed my world...
10 Great Songs To Start Your Day With
Start your day with these 10 power packed song and see how great your day goes. 1 - Patakha Guddi - Highway 2 - London Thumakda - Queen 3 - Sooraj Dooba Hai - Roy 4 - Dil Dhadakne Do - ZNMD 5 - Kyu Aaj Kal Neend Kam 6...
5 Different Hobbies
The New Year of 2015 has ushered into our lives with a frantic excitement. Set aside the traditional resolutions that you design but have no intention to pursue beyond the third month of the year. While the years roll over, your good habits seemingly falter and you are almost on the path to purgatory....
What is Spirit?
We all have heard the terms "spirit" and "soul" in many contexts, in books, in Bible, in scriptures and we use these words in our regular lives as well. But what is Spirit? What does this imply? Do the Spirit and Soul convey the same meaning? According to some group of people, Spirit and...
10 Things You Can Learn From Richard Branson
Sir Richard Branson, more popular as the Virgin Group founder, today, owns 400-plus companies, including a mobile phone and an airline! He is one of the persons who believes that "successful people do things differently" and his success is the proof of his principles that he follows ardently, till date.
Best 10 Harvey Spectar Quotes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Did we miss on something? Comment below.
Does God Exist?
Before I start penning down my views about this particular title, let me make it very clear that this is just a debate and I respect each and every person and his/her thoughts and religious beliefs. Mentioning that, let me now ask you all a question.
Are Religion and Spirituality The Same Thing?
"Religion is belief in someone else's experience. Spirituality is having your own experience", says Deepak Chopra, the renowned life guru and spiritual advocate. Spirituality and religion - are they the same? If they are distinct, in what terms? Why and how? While religion, as per Wikipedia, is "an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and...
15 Songs To Propose Without The Fear Of Getting No As The Answer
We all like someone but are scared to confess to that special person. The next time you are in a group with that person start playing Antakshari and sing these 15 songs looking at that person. If you get a smile its a yes else just pretend that you were playing Antakshari only.
Swachh Bharat Kaise Banega?
India has been developing pretty rapidly in the recent years in terms of technology, education, employment etc. But still, we Indians lack certain sense when it comes to keeping our country clean. One can easily witness a dustbin placed in the public place overflowing with garbage or find cigarette butts thrown on roads carelessly....
Lord Krishna - The Master Of Finesse or The Master Manipulator?
Krishna - the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu - is quite often considered as an incredible example of a person with fabulous skills. A shrewd diplomat, wonderful philosopher, a great friend, a diehard romantic, an ardent lover, the ideal son, and a master manipulator, he enjoys a cherished position among the Indian Gods and Goddesses....
10 Reasons Not To Be An Entrepreneur
Before you ditch your salary, consider all these points and realize what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Here are top ten reasons why you should not choose to be an entrepreneur. They are as follows: Hey being a boss is not for you Have you seen how hard any boss works?