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here you can find everything from hollywood to bollywood, songs that inspire you, about actors and actress, animated movies, reviews, hot news about the industry, news that never dies, and what not.
6 Spectacular Ways Hollywood Changed Me
First and foremost, Hollywood made me have higher expectations from Bollywood, expectations that have not been fulfilled. Being 'cool' suddenly became a lot more than wearing your collars up and wearing chains and a cap backwards, it was about having panache and ideas and brilliance and, sure, sometimes, money and clothes.
Hollywood Divas to Fall in Love With
Sexy, scintillating, scandalous and dreamy to an extent of being disapproving ... that's what you expect when you have girls from the Wild West Hollywood to date. We all have our list of dream-catch with whom we want to fall in love with. This series of 'Goddess' is what most ardent 'lovers' would agree...
BR Chopra's Mahabharat: Why is it still so fascinatingly real?
A mythological soap series that ruled the Indian living room for 94 weeks, BR Chopra's magnum opus 'Mahabharat' showcased the glory of mythology in its full canvas. Nothing less than a blockbuster adventure, Mahabharat's success could be attributed to many reasons. The absolute reason everybody would agree with is the 'REALITY' with which it was...
What if Harry Potter
Some what if scenarios from Harry Potter. What if Voldemort tried to kill Neville instead of Harry? The prophecy made by Sybill meant Voldemort could choose either Harry or Neville as his equal but he chose Harry. What would have happened if he chose Neville instead?
10 Disney Movies That You Should Definitely Watch
The series of animated movies from Disney can be summed in a single word- A.G.E.L.E.S.S.! I am a full grown man today, but the scene from Aladdin still makes me drool with thrill and excitement. I am not much for a gamer about the modern day cartoon shows, but when it comes to watching a...
10 Himesh Songs Which Get Stuck In Your Mind Once You Hear Them
These Himesh songs have a catchy tune. Once you listen to them they stuck in your mind. Don't believe us. Try on. 1 - Samjho Na 2 - Tumse Milne Ka Kida Andar Hai - Action Jackson 3 - Afsana Banake Bhool Na Jaana 4 - Afreen 5 - Naam...
10 Memorable Kumar Sanu Songs
Kumar Sanu has been one of the most famous singers of the 90's. Lets visit some of his famous songs. 1 - Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jana Sanam - DDLJ 2 - Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Me Aana - Aashiqui 3 - Nazar Ke Saamne Jigar Ke Paas 4 - Saason...
10 Things Which Happen in Movies and Not in Real Life
How we love it, when Katrina Kaif shows off her sensuous and cool attitude, which makes the guys heart melt like ice-cream or the way Ranveer Singh cracks up some hilarious jokes and shows off his toned body, which make girls go crazy. But wait, hang on!
10 Quotes from Game of Thrones
Valar Morghulis This High Valyrian phrase means "All Men Must Die." Be it a good person or the bad, every one dies in the end. Winter is Coming This famous Stark-house motto gives us a figurative meaning of 'when good days end, you should be ready for what's next'.
10 Hindi Songs With the Funniest Lyrics
Hindi songs are very innovative when it comes to lyrics. We could not stop laughing when we heard these 10 songs: 1 - Angana Me Baba, Duaare Pe Maa 2 - Bade Kaam Ka Bandar 3 - Zeher Hai Ki Pyaar Hai Tera Chumma 4 - Laal Laal Honthon Pe Gori Kiska...
10 Typical Cases in Hindi Serials
Almost every Indian household is no doubt a hindi serial freak. We just love the beautiful jewellery, dresses, makeup and the kya kya kya! dialogue of our most loved hindi serials, which we very often gossip about too. Another very typical feature of any hindi serial, are its typical characters.
10 Must Watch TV Series
Are you a tv series buff? Doesn't matter. These are the 10 tv series every person needs to watch. These show you different emotions of humans - from friendship, love, rage, jealousy, politics, psychopath, sociopath to genuineness. 1 - Friends 2 - Suits 3 - Game of Thrones 4...
Best 10 Harvey Spectar Quotes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Did we miss on something? Comment below.
10 Refreshing Hindi Songs For Your Road Trip
Are you planning for a road trip? If not listen to these 10 songs and you will plan one. These 10 songs should definitely be on your playlist if you are going on a road trip : 1 - Maahi Ve - Highway 2 - Dil Chahta Hai 3 - Yu Hi Chala...
6 Bindaas Songs of Bipasha Basu
Happy Birthday to the hot bombshell. She has given us many bindaas songs. Lets try to remember some of them. 1 - Main Sirf Tera Mehboob - Ajnabee 2 - Jo Bhi Kasme Khaayi Thi Humne - Raaz 3 - Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai - Jism 4 - No Entry 5...
Why We Support PK?
The latest Amir Khan Starrer movie PK, has been a subject of debate since the time of its release. While some people feel that the movie should be banned as it's a disgrace to the sentiments of Hindu community, many others feel that the movie has been directed excellently well by Rajkumar Hirani and should...
10 Amazing Songs by A R Rahman
Today is the maestro's birthday. Let's wish him by listening to his 10 amazing works. 1 - Dil Se Re 2 - Kya Karen Kya Na Karen 3 - Roja Janeman 4 - Ramta Jogi 5 - O Re Chori 6 - Saathiya 7 - Jo Bhi Main Kehna...
What Would Happen If Big Boss Had All These people as Contestants
These 8 people will make Big Boss even more interesting. 1 - Navjot Singh Sidhu 2 - Anu Malik 3 - Arnab Goswami 4 - Arvind Kejriwal 5 -
10 Masala Songs Which can Electrify Any Party
Bored with listening to all that metal and rock songs on the DJ. Here are 10 masala songs which can change the mood of the party from boring to electrifying. 1 - Hai Hukku Hai Hukku 2 - Kisi Disco Me Jaye 3 - Sarkai Lo Khatiya 4 - Main to raste...
The 6 Psychological Specimens Who Were Friends For 10 Years
There were 6 of them, 1 for every kind of person I would ever want to meet in life, and they all had one thing in common: they embodied the 6 most iconic TV personalities to ever grace the silver screen. They were the best of Friends, and the best of our lives, and more...
How to Fall in Love with Musicals
Google Aside, What Are Musicals? Musicals combine two of the most beautiful forms of artistry- words and music. Much like a meal that gets more delicious when you discover a hidden layer of cheese, or a lover with whom you become that much more intimate when you discover a hidden quirk, musicals are built on...