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food is source through which human get energy, nutrition.this part is the best which no human can skip.without food its difficult to survive for any person.
7 Healthy & Tasty Food
One of the major concerns of people around us is that of obesity and that stems from the pressing need to look good. With the lifestyle changes and the transition of diet from healthy to fast, people find it increasingly challenging to grope with the changes it brings along.
10 Must Try Special Dishes Of Kerala
The cuisine of Kerala is as vast as its history, geography, culture, and demography; it is equivalently fabulous when it comes to the richness of the delicacies also. Nicknamed as the land of spices, Kerala cuisine is well-known for its diversely magnificent dishes [veg and non-veg] that are varied in terms of flavors also.
Gift Yourself A Cleansed Body With These Detox Diet Foods
You had been partying all these days. But, did you ever think of your body? Was it actually partying or just waiting for you to come down to earth from the seventh heaven of celebrations? The latter would be its state. It is now time for your body to party and enjoy some fabulous gifts....
Top 10 Indian Street Foods
Have you taken a walk down Chowpatti? You will start drooling by just inhaling the aromas arising from those munches displayed on those small carts... From samosas to pani puri, poha-jalebi to chole bature and masala vadas to dosas and pazham poris, the street foods of Indian is as diverse as its culture and heritage...
10 New Year Foodie Resolutions
What comes to your mind when you think of New Year? Of course it should be the resolution making period, where you decide on the most important changes which you would want to make to enhance your lifestyle. Especially the resolutions made for losing weight and eating healthy food at the right time are the...
Why You Should Turn On The Stove Right Now
For some cooking is just a daily chore, but for others cooking is a passion, a stress reliever. Yes!If you love cooking simply turn on the stove, prepare your favorite dish and you will be amazed to see your anxiety and tension vanish amidst the flavors of your delicacy.
We Bet You Can't Eat These
Richness, aromatic herbs, colourful spices, and flavour - these are the words that come to your mind when someone refers to Indian food. Indian curries, breads and desserts, especially 'mithais', are world famous. But there's something more about Indian food that you surely won't be knowing. We call it 'bizarre'!You read it right!
Refresh Your Breakfast With Baked Cannelloni
Introduction: Cannelloni is cylindrical Italian pasta usually served baked with a filling and sauce. It happens to be a very delicious meal for all. A number of types of cannelloni require to be boiled earlier, whereas for others, it is sufficient to make use of a more thin sauce or else filling.
Organic VS. Non-organic foods
Organic foods are a result of the processes that do not involve the use of synthetics like chemical fertilizers and the harmful pesticides. Non-organic food items, on the other hand make use of all the harmful synthetics to produce finished goods. While there are many who choose the organic food over the Non organic one's,...