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fitness tells about the health and well being of human. fitness keeps person healthy. fitness require balanced nutrition wit appropriate exercise.
6 Gym Exercises That Are Absolute Waste of Time
The calories are burning but you don't see the muscles rippling on your body still... Don't blame the routine for this. The real culprit is your ignorance about body symmetry and muscle functioning. With more exercises being invented every day, the fantasy of big muscles and thin waistline act like a catalyst in pushing their...
New Year has rolled in and you are still wondering whether to take a monthly membership or an annual membership into the most reliable gym in the town. Unless you have no time to follow up with your working routine, taking an annual membership is an evident way to reap rich benefits.
7 Healthy & Tasty Food
One of the major concerns of people around us is that of obesity and that stems from the pressing need to look good. With the lifestyle changes and the transition of diet from healthy to fast, people find it increasingly challenging to grope with the changes it brings along.
10 Exercises That Can Cure Your Posture
Arched back, splitting sheen, dangling arms and hanging head are all symptoms of bad postures. Unless it is corrected and worked upon, the symptoms may bring in a series of health issues in coming years. A balanced posture is a sign of healthy bearing. It can save your muscular skeletal structure from degrading even...
How training in Gym area can remove your STAGE ANXIETY?
Passion has no limits and sometimes the passion to prove oneself takes one to the stage. Among us, there are many who house a fear in their heart whenever asked to make a speech, or grace the stage. Fidgety hands, stumbling feet and the quavering voice are all signs of the faint soul.
Gift Yourself A Cleansed Body With These Detox Diet Foods
You had been partying all these days. But, did you ever think of your body? Was it actually partying or just waiting for you to come down to earth from the seventh heaven of celebrations? The latter would be its state. It is now time for your body to party and enjoy some fabulous gifts....
Gym Exercises that Can Fire Your Relationship!
Zillion advertisements from millions of health clubs make 'fad' promises of transforming you into a diva or a he-man. Why you get attracted has nothing to do with your health... It is all about those tricky hormones and roving pheromones that search for new relationships. Roll over the yoga pads, paddle those chains or just...
10 Healthy Promises To Make To Yourself
Here are 10 healthy promises you can make to yourself which are simple to keep. Just pick one from these and adhere to it; others will follow automatically. I am letting the slim in Losing weight is the most popular healthy promise made across the world.
How to get that Kick-Ass Bum in Gym
S-curves are dreamy affairs that continue to be elusive. No matter how many hours you spend in the gym pushing that outrageous elliptical machine, your rear simply refuses to grab the eye balls. The mirror is your obvious companion that can get you an S-curve. We call it a kick-ass bum.
The 10 Must Know Reasons For Staying Fit And Healthy
"I am slim; I don't have any healthy issues; so I am fit"! This is a statement many of us would have come cross from our slimmer counterparts. But, does thin equals to fit? Never! Fat or thin, you have to stay fit and there need not be specific reasons for that.
10 New Year Foodie Resolutions
What comes to your mind when you think of New Year? Of course it should be the resolution making period, where you decide on the most important changes which you would want to make to enhance your lifestyle. Especially the resolutions made for losing weight and eating healthy food at the right time are the...
Worried about your Six Packs?
Six Pack Abs - All you want to know Worried about how to get Six Pack Abs? Here are some tips and facts which will help you to achieve your goal. Abs is all about Fat percentage in your body and the fact is that you do not need to create abs.
Worried about your 6 Packs
Everyone wants to sport a 6 pack nowadays.A sixpack requires very low body fat percentage, which is hard to get, and that percentage will also ensure your other muscles will be very well defined/toned.We give you tips and rules as to what to eat, what excercise and diet to follow, for men and for women...
10 New Year Foodie Resolutions
We all make new year resolutions we do not keep .Controlled consumption - consuming no more than is needed for a comfortable lifestyle. This is a worthy goal both for financial well-being as well as personal health.Here are some foodie resolutions which you can keep and follow for a healthy life.
10 Must Know Reasons For Staying Fit And Healthy
What do you mean by staying fit and healthy? Different people have different opinions about this particular question.The biggest hindrances to maintaining a diet and workout plan is the fact that the act of creating an exercise regime, diet plan and rotating workout cycles is highly troublesome.
How to Get That Kick-Ass Bum In The Gym
Everywhere you turn, eyes are on bottoms. And whatever the shape of your butt, chances are, you want to improve upon it.Just as many men equate having a muscular chest with being buff, for lots of women, having a fit body is having a tighter set of buns.Here's the list of things you need to...