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The Truth About Real Estate Open Houses

When meeting with a real estate agent to sell your home you are bound to hear the speech about how an open house is a fantastic activity for selling your home. Folks this is one of the biggest myths in real estate. This myth was started by Realtors who use the open house as a means of generating additional clients. Rarely does an open house become the cause of a home selling. Lot of real estate agents will tell you otherwise because your home becomes their prospecting center. Maybe one of the neighbors will stop by because they are considering selling and want to check out your place as a comparison. This becomes a great prospect for the agent! An even greater source of clients are the buyers who are not qualified to pay your asking price but are buyers for other homes none the less. With good rapport established this becomes another prospect for the agent.

Here is the bottom line and the truth - it is silly to think that a buyer who is serious about purchasing a home is not going to call an agent and schedule an appointment for a home they are interested in seeing. Just think about that for a minute. If you were looking for a home and found one you really wanted to see would you pass on it if there wasn't an open house? Sounds pretty ludicrous doesn't it? That's because it is! Take a look at a number of articles provided here that explain in detail why open houses are an archaic form of marketing and completely unnecessary to sell a home!
The Drawbacks of an Open House Some Realtors Won't Tell You
Real estate open houses are one sales tactic that may be more about the hype than about results. Some real estate agents play up the benefits far more than they should, considering how many drawbacks there are to the process. The fact is, open houses are rarely conducted to sell a home.
Does an Open House Sell Homes?
Do real estate open houses work to sell a home? When you are trying to sell your home, it is natural to pull out all the stops. It may be the biggest sale of your life, and you want to do everything you can to make it happen.
Are Open Houses Necessary?
When you go searching for a real estate agent, you are likely to hear a number of sales pitches speaking of the necessity and desirability of an open house. Many agents will speak of their enthusiasm for open houses and how they will do well for you with all the traffic they draw.
Pros and Cons of an Open House

Many people think about an open house as this great activity that gets a home sold. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. The fact of the matter is you should be able to sell a home without ever holding an open house. In the article, you will see the pros and cons of hosting an open house. You should understand the drawbacks before having an open house.

Avoid Getting Robbed From an Open House
If you are going to open up your house to visitors in hopes of selling it, it is only realistic to wonder if any of the strangers that come through your door are looking to steal something. You don't have to be terribly suspicious by nature to want to protect your home and your valuables from unscrupulous individuals.
Best Questions to Ask The Listing Agent at an Open House

See the top questions to ask a listing agent at an open house to find out more about the property and the sellers circumstances.

The Real Estate Open House Lies Agents Tell

Some things to consider before you allow your Real Estate Agent to host an Open House in Your Home.

Who Attends Real Estate Open Houses?

There are many different types of people who attend real estate open houses. It's important when buying or selling a home to know who to expect at opens.

Open Houses Are Not Needed to Sell a Home

Can you sell your home without an open house? You sure can! An open house is unnecessary and does very little to get a home sold in the digital age.

Does an Open Houses Put an Owners Interest First

Real estate agents host open houses for a number of reasons. Is one of them to put the sellers interests first?Find out here whether open houses do or not!

Open House vs Private Showings

Listing your home if done properly can be a lot of work for home sellers while trying to juggle a busy schedule.  Preparing your home properly fo...

Are Open Houses a Waste of Time?
Open houses play a role in today's real estate market, but not the one most home sellers might assume. "Open houses are typically overrated," says Brett Clifton, owner of highly rated Press Personal Real Estate Support Services in Seattle. "Most sellers think holding open houses increases the market exposure of their house.
Sketchy Real Estate Practices - The Public Open House
In some circles, this is like touching the third rail of politics. Open houses are those wonderful events where a listing agent ejects their seller for a period of time, typically a nice, sunny weekend afternoon, and allows the general populace to come traipsing through their home.
Do Open Houses Really Sell Homes?

Why do real estate agents hold open houses? The answer may surprise you as it is one of the dirty little secrets of the real estate industry. Open houses benefit agents not home sellers.

Will An Open House Work to Sell My Home

Lots of real estate agents get asked if an open house works to sell homes. The answer can vary greatly depending on who you speak with. The correct answer is t…

Real Estate Open House Myths - BUSTED!

Open houses are a pretty controversial topic in the real estate industry. There are some pretty crazy open house myths that exist. Find out the top 5 here!

Open House Myths You Need to Stop Believing

See 7 open house myths you should never believe. Lots of real estate agents want you to think open houses are necessary to sell a home. They are not!

Security and Safety Tips For Holding an Open House

Holding an open house is not only risky business but completely unnecessary to sell a home. The benefits of an open house go to the real estate agent. Quite - many of them do not want you to know this as they use the open house to prospect for business! If you are going to have an open house make sure you understand how to make it more secure as they are a magnet for theft.

Do Open Houses Cause Theft

Hold an open house to increase your odds of getting burglarized. See how holding open houses can be a mistake and why they aren't necessary to sell a home. Open houses benefit real estate agents far more than they do homeowners. Real buyers always schedule showings for homes they are interested in viewing.

Do You Need to Do an Open House?

Are you considering selling your house? If so, are you reviewing the marketing plan for selling your home? Are open houses going to be in the marketing plan? If so, then here are some considerations when you are selling, and if open houses are going to be right for a seller!

What You Should Never Leave Out at an Open House

Do you know what items you should never leave out at an open house? Open houses can be a magnet for crime. Holding an open house increases your odds of being robbed. See what should never be left out when having an open house.

Why Open Houses Don't Work For Home Sellers

Do Open Houses work? Check out this article and you'll quickly realize how I feel on the topic. I give you the pros and cons based on my experience of selling homes for sellers. You'll read about safety, theft, historical stats, and much more.

Does an Open House Work to Sell a Home?

Do open houses work to sell a home? Are open houses necessary for a home seller? For years the public has been fooled into believing that open houses are an important part of real estate marketing. In the digital age open houses are worthless. Open houses benefit one party - the real estate agent.

What to Do to Keep Your Home Secure During an Open House

Are you planning on having open houses to market your home? Did you know that an open house is an archaic form of marketing that is completely unnecessary to sell a home in the digital age? It's true - real buyers schedule showings. If you insist on having an open house, uses these tips to keep your home safe.

What Are The Best Methods of Finding Open Houses Near Me

See how to find open houses nearby your location with these helpful tips. Learn what to look for and the questions to ask. Maximum Real Estate Exposure has the best tips for finding open houses for sale nearby your location.