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One Life Blog This site is to promote wellbeing. Our mission is to help you feel so much better than before, to touch the potential of feeling wonderful, to learn new ways to deal with stress and the challenges of daily life. Many have walked this pathway before us and it’s their shining examples that provide the motivation for much of this Blog’s content.


Chill - To let go of all stress
There's too much stress in our lives and part of transformation programme is to encourage you to release the daily accumulation of tension and learn to relax. Sometimes the day is just too busy, the pressure is constant and we become so completely engaged with our To Do list that we forget to take a moment to unlock our shoulders, breathe deeply and release the physical stress from our back and neck muscles.
Awareness : Know About Health and Wellness
Physical exercise is a vital component in our health and wellness routines but we tend to neglect the importance of training the mind. Our thoughts and feelings seem to have a life of their own and refuse to follow our directions.
List- Think About Your Life
What's missing from your life? Take a few minutes to relax and check your secret list of everything that you feel you'd like to have in your life. See if you can extend list to include fifty items. Begin with your material circumstances.
Sleep- Don't Over-Stimulate Your Mind
If you ever experience difficulty sleeping or feel that you could sleep better, there are many factors to consider that can influence your nightly rest. Diet plays its part. Poor circulation or lack of exercise can also interfere with your sleep.
Move- Essential for Long Term Health
Learning to relax is an essential component of our strategy for wellness but it's helpful to remember that our bodies also evolved to move. We spend so much of our time sitting down that it's easy to forget the importance of physical exercise. Our bodies really need to move.
Flexibility- Develop Better Physical Fitness
I always encourage people to exercise, to move their bodies and develop better physical fitness. This is the only body we get to live in so we need to take great care of it. Being able to move without pain or discomfort is essential to long term health.
Word- Do You Know the Value of Yours
What is the value of your word? Do you give it without any sense of obligation or commitment? Do you say 'Yes' just to please people? When your word is strong, it acquires tremendous power. When you say 'Yes' with absolute conviction, you imbue your words with power.
Change- We Want Things to Be Different
We often hear the expression 'Practise makes perfect' but this is not the case. Practise - makes permanent! If we always repeat the same actions, we can expect the same results. If we want things to be different, this implies that we must do things differently.
Goals - What We Want to Achieve in Life
How do you react when problems show up in your life? Do the unexpected changes in your day push you off course? Do you feel angry or frustrated? Do you forget what you were aiming to achieve? It's during these moments of frustration that we must focus on our goals.
Visualise - Every Single Day
Visualisation is very important because we can make a thought that things are happening which are actually not happening and can feel these things around us.
How to Achieve your Goals
It is true that without hard work you can not achieve your goals. With hard work determination is also important for dedicated toward your aim.
Generosity - Celebrate Other's Success
Success is what we achieve in life by hard work and our knowledge. We feel happy with our success and enjoy it in many ways but we should also enjoy the success of other people to encourage them.
Will - Discover the Power of Focus
Our thoughts and thinking always helps us to achieve anything in life.If we increase the power of focus and concentration then we can think more about our goal.
Freedom - Enjoy Your Life

Your self expression are very important for you to achieve something in your life. Freedom have a different role in our life to think more beyond our limitations.

Hydrate - Feel Alive by Drinking Water

It is the first thing to keep ourselves good looking and #water can help us to do so. Drinking water energise your mind and keeps you fresh.

Influence Everyone with Thoughts

Everyone is a teacher. We influence everyone around us with our thoughts, words, feelings and behaviour. We are always teaching. We teach what we learn and we learn what we teach. When you recognise that your behaviour can influence those around you, you take on a deeper sense of responsibility for your actions.

Change Your Posture Change Your Life - Day 3 to Revolutionise and Free Your Posture

Day 3 Posture Changing: Know about relaxation exercises and mastering your feelings. Reduce your stress and tension with different and posture changing techniques.