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Headline for Because Money Ep 26 | Eric and Ilsa
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Because Money Ep 26 | Eric and Ilsa

Resource list for Because Money Episode 26 with special guest, Alexandra MacQueen, in which we reveal the inside scoop on how those financial facelifts get made, if they serve any real purpose at all (to anyone but the publisher), and whether we're all just mad about being poor(er than eric and ilsa).


Huffington Post | Vancouver Family Can't Scrape By On $450,000/Year
It's a dilemma all of us struggle with: working two days a week for an annual salary of $300,000; all five kids are in private school; how will we ever be able to build a house while scraping by? Such a First World conundrum sounds like a satirica...
The (corrected) Facelift | Debt doubts cast shadow for professional couple with five kids
Eric and Ilsa put lifestyle ahead of financial concerns but it has put them in a bit of a bind. He is 41 and a physician, she is 39 and a dentist. They have five children, ranging in age from less than a year to 9, all of whom will go to private school.
Why does your Financial Facelift feature profile well-off Canadians?
Bradley Pascoe, in Ottawa asks: Why do so many people profiled in your Financial Facelift feature have incomes/net worth far in excess of the average Canadian? Low-income Canadians are more in need of advice than the well-off."
Rob Carrick's response | It's time to talk about the wealth gap and real problems
The rich are different from you and me - they're more fun to mock. A doctor-dentist couple we'll call Eric and Ilsa have learned this the hard way. They were featured in the weekend edition of The Globe and Mail's ever-popular Financial Facelift, where they opened their books to the world in exchange for some input from a financial planner.
Jezebel | Worst Couple in North America? You Decide.
Eric and Ilsa of the Vancouver area have a problem, you guys. A serious problem. Although their net monthly income is approximately $25,000, they find that this is not enough to afford to build a modest $1.1 million dollar home, now that their relatives are selling the home they've been able to live in, rent-free for several years.