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#HotSeat Problems + Solutions


Invert the "Guest Speaker" Model

Invert the "Guest Speaker" Model

So what if we could talk about ourselves? What if we could ask for help? What if one person/company sat in the metaphorical #hotseat? Not to give, but to get advice?

Innovation often comes when you invert old models. Don't invite a guest to share their insight, invite someone in pain to share their problems, not for pity, but for help.

We love to help others and solve other's problems. We all love to be valuable. Are you in?

In some ways it's not novel. I've sat through many #startup pitches and given advice - a "1:many" model based on problem/solution plus feedback.


Repeat the "#usguys 24/7 dialog" Model

Repeat the "#usguys 24/7 dialog" Model

Make a #hotseat a 24 hour affair. Let people come and go. Let the conversation take it's time. Let the connections build and the insights flow. . Let the crowd build. There is clearly value in the exposure.

For me #usguys rocks because it's a little slower than a #blogchat, for example. Let people be available by not limiting a #hotseat to 1 hour.

One hour is perhaps a little too intense for the volunteer.


Crowd-rank the "#hotseat Selection" Process

Crowd-rank the "#hotseat Selection" Process

Would a someone (or a team) be willing to take the #hotseat and share their real challenges?

My answer. Who knows, but try it.

Yes it risks people bringing "faux" problems simply to win the chance of exposure. We'd need to filter out those problems.

We'd clearly need to act to prevent this. The #hotseat company/person need to provide public domain background in the form of a blog post, in advance of the event. They need a real problem that would benefit from a diverse crowd.


Bi-Directional Reviews

Bi-Directional Reviews

I know I'd willingly review other's work. Like trying their software. I'd do it for a simple trade. You review mine. I'll review yours. It doesnt even need to be a direct contra. It's the spirit that counts. Not keeping score.

Often asking for help feels like promotion. This is wrong. The #HotSeat process could be a way to #speeddate such interactions.

What could you review? Blog Posts, Products, Services, Ideas, Press Releases. Who knows. I feel a mechanic is needed to flush out this matching process.