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Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 13.01 - 19.01.2015
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 13.01 - 19.01.2015

Birds Eye rolls out £3m 'mix up your menu' campaign
"Mix up your menu", which is part of its wider food for life campaign, kicks off today with a TV ad showing a blogger and 'mum of two' Katie Bryson making a pie made with peas and fish fingers.
'Good' Campaign of the Week: Rapha
Brand: Rapha Agency: In-house/Kintaro Studios Campaign: Thrivor "The mindset of someone suffering from cancer is vital. Falling into the role of a victim is easy to do if one doesn't set their sights on something bigger than themselves."
Dailymotion takes aim on Twitch with its new game streaming service
The French video-sharing platform Dailymotion has announced that it will launch a site dedicated to streaming live gaming videos, competing with Twitch.
Google Is In Talks With Mobile Payments Company Softcard
Apple has Apple Pay, and now it looks like Google may be fattening up its own wallet. According to people familiar with the situation, the search giant and maker of Android is interested in buying Softcard, the mobile payments company formerly known as Isis. The price may be under $100 million, according to our sources.
Pizza Hut oryginalnie zaprasza na Festiwal / Z branży - Portal PR
Dziś jest: Poniedziałek, 19.01.2015 r Od 7 stycznia w restauracjach Pizza Hut trwa "Festiwal Pizzy". Firmy Red8 Advertising, Washing Machine i OMD przygotowały dla znanej restauracji ciekawą kampanię reklamową. Niezwykle lubiany i popularny wśród klientów pizzerii "Festiwal Pizzy" w ubiegłym tygodniu rozpoczął swoją kolejną edycję.
...ile zajmie ci przebicie się przez twoje gry na Steamie? / CD-Action
Ile macie gier, których nigdy nie odpaliliście? Zatanawiacie się czasem ile zajęłoby przejście ich wszystkich? Dwóch programistów postanowiło sprawić, że będziecie mogli sprawdzić to jednym kliknięciem.
World of Warcraft 10-year subscribers will get this statue as thanks from Blizzard
World of Warcraft subscribers who have been with the game since (very close to) day one, 10 years ago, are reporting that Blizzard is surprise-shipping them a rather elaborate statue as a gesture of thanks.
Biggest Ad Spender P&G Has New North America Media Chief | CMO Strategy - Advertising Age
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Pope announces start of World War III in media Twitter hack
The Twitter accounts of United Press International and the New York Post were hacked on Friday afternoon, tweeting that the U.S. and China had begun a war at sea, and that Pope Francis had announced the start of World War III. "BREAKING: Chinese anti-ship missile fired at USS George Washington," the accounts tweeted.
People willingly give away their passwords on camera
It's a sad day for cyber security. Jimmy Kimmel, the ultimate troll of the universe, put his team hard at work on Hollywood Boulevard to trick people into revealing their passwords. Okay, it wasn't really that hard to trick any of these people.
Polski YouTube grami stoi. Ale kto konkretnie za tym stoi?
Po zapoznaniu się z rankingiem trzydziestu najpopularniejszych kanałów polskich YouTuberów (wg liczby subskrypcji), śmiało można wysnuć, że nie ma polskiego YouTube'a bez gier komputerowych. Okej, trzy pierwsze miejsca zajmują kanały humorystyczne (SA Wardęga, AbstrachujeTV i Niekryty Krytyk), ale dalej rządzą już praktycznie tylko i wyłącznie profile growe.
Newcastle Gets Brands to Pay for Crowdsourced Super Bowl Ad | Special: Super Bowl - Advertising Age
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Meet Memo, the Anonymous App That Could Revolutionize the Workplace
When talking about his new venture, two things come to mind for Ryan Janssen. First is a project he launched in January 2014 called, an online community where freelancers could discuss issues and swap advice. The project sputtered, with Janssen finding that people were so protective over their work identities, they didn't feel comfortable using it.
Ads Urge British Women to Get Out and Exercise in All Their Jiggly, Sweaty Glory
Exercise is hard enough already without your arm fat flapping like a chicken wing to discourage you. But if we could learn to stop worrying and love the sweaty slap of our chubby thighs, we might never think twice about hitting the gym or the field.
Ikea Loved This Artist's Fantastical Doodles on Its Catalog So Much, It Hired Her
Some companies might take exception to your scribbling all over its catalog. But not Ikea. For a while now, British illustrator Sarah Horne has found the Ikea catalog to be an inspiring canvas on which to draw fantastical scenes-with mythical creatures all relaxing in minimalist Swedish homescapes.
Król patentów jest tylko jeden - AntyWeb
Słowo „patent" raz na jakiś czas pojawia się w naszych wpisach, choć łatwo ulec wrażeniu, że kiedyś poświęcaliśmy mu znacznie więcej uwagi. Powodem była wojna jaką prowadziły na niwie własności intelektualnej korporacje Samsung i Apple. Chociaż konflikt się nie zakończył, to temat nie wywołuje już takich emocji, jak dawniej.
Sharing your first profile photo is Facebook's embarrassing new trend
2014 had the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; 2015 has this: Posting your first Facebook photo. The latest viral trend makes every day #TBT. It requires folks to post their first Facebook profile photos, and then nominate others to do the same. Unlike the Ice Bucket Challenge, however, the trend isn't making the rounds in the name of charity.
Facebook acquihires top members of influential design firm Teehan+Lax
Teehan+Lax, a highly influential Toronto-based design firm, today announced its " next act": Members of the firm "will join Facebook and the Facebook Design team," the company said on its site today. A source close to the matter called this a "talent deal," also known as an acquihire.
Abstract - Creativity Online
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Twitter Announces Worldwide Startup Contest, 'Hatch'
Are you building an industry-disrupting app or innovative solution? Is your app powered by Fabric, the Twitter mobile SDK? Are you leveraging the Twitter API to make your solution even more powerful? If you can answer "yes" to these questions, then Twitter wants you to enter Hatch , its first global startup competition.
„Tatuaże wolności" - twórcza resocjalizacja według WSNS Pedagogium (wideo) - Wiadomości - Marketing przy Kawie - prak...
Projekt ma pomóc byłym osadzonym ponownie wystartować w życiu - bez śladów przypominających o błędach młodości. Polega na zastępowaniu często prymitywnych, szpecących tatuaży więziennych akceptowanymi społecznie artystycznymi formami.
Ad of the Day: Mercedes-Benz Just Made a Great Fashion Ad, and It's a Total Piss-Take
As a rule, fashion ads are beautifully vapid. And they just got the send-up they deserve. Next week is Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, and the event's title sponsor is out with a new video that's a delightful parody of fashion marketing nonsense.
Oscars 2015: Here are the nominations
LOS ANGELES - Of the 323 films that were eligible for the Best Picture Oscar, only eight will battle it out for the ultimate cinematic honor, including Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel, which lead all films with nine nominations each. The Golden Globe-winning Boyhood will also vie for Best Picture (and likely win).
Top 50 Rich Media Social Influencers to Follow on Twitter
Social media isn't just Facebook and Twitter, however those two networks dominate the social PR conversation. Did you know that 20 percent of adults use Pinterest - which is more than Twitter? That's just too big to ignore. Rich media social networks such as Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Vine appeal to both niche and broad audiences.
72 Must Follow Facebook Pages for Aspiring Content Marketers
One thing I love about working in social media & content marketing is finding new people to Like & follow online. Social media & content marketers give me a lot of great ideas! But there are also tons of artists, writers, musicians, speakers, athletes, journalists, businesses & influencers from various disciplines who motivate me.