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7 Awesome First Time Meeting Tips !
So, you are meeting for the first time ! Feeling the jitters all around ! All prepared with your dress, the date and the venue! Here are some tips that can help you overcome the excitement and present yourself for a prospective happy and long relationship. 1.
Marwadi Wedding Rituals : Traditional & Beautiful
Marwadies are known as most traditional community who follow all the customs and traditions of wedding ceremony as well as other ceremonies. Their wedding ceremonies are divided into three parts. Have a look at the traditional and beautiful rituals of a Marwadi Wedding. Pre-wedding Rituals 1.
10 Best Ways To Loose Weight Without Dieting
How to loose weight without dieting is something that lot of people are looking for, as busy schedule leaves them with little or no time to exercise. Being healthy is the key to success and we believe that there are better and healthier alternatives to dieting, joining gym and other weight loss programs. The most effective way to lose weight is to train ourselves to eat better.
How To Tell Your Fiancée - I love You !!!
How to tell your fiancee - I love You.. or how to tell someone that he or she is special or what is the best way to express your love or say i love you to your girlfriend / boyfriend / partner or in other to propose.
8 Simple Tips To Gain Weight For A Skinny Bride
So you are a thin bride and gaining weight tops your priority list... don't worry , its not as tough as you feel and a little discipline and focused approach can make you get the result you want. After all, You are the bride to be, and you have got to look the best.
Tips To Choose Lingerie For Your Body Type | WeddingPlz
How to choose your lingerie is one of the most sought after question in every woman's mind. Different bodies have different fits and its important to choose your lingerie as per your body shape and type as it has the ability to boost a woman's confidence.
The 8 Funny Characters In Every Indian Wedding !
I love Indian weddings. It's the only place where full on live entertainment happens! Where long lost relatives from all corners join for the wedding! I love the characters - the realtives/friends/family members/neighbours and every person, even the small fat cook who makes the shaadi ka ghar ka khana!
Tips To Improve Your Relationship With Your Spouse
Wedding comes as a pleasant change to our life. This change sometimes faces challenges and tough times that need to be looked carefully. Every wedding starts with a beautiful story. It is a wonderful feeling to be together and lose in romantic time. With the passing years, couples endure some problems that can affect their marriage.
Best Honeymoon Destinations In East India
East India is the land of untouched natural splendor. The never-ending tea gardens, snow covered peaks, captivating sunrises, colorful culture, gob smacking cuisine and the majestic lakes and waterfalls make the array of picturesque cities, the most romantic honeymoon destinations.
Punjabi Wedding Traditions and Customs | WeddingPlz
Punjabi weddings are full of interesting traditions, rituals and ceremonies. Punjabi people are fun loving, hard working and believe in opulent weddings and grand celebrations. Full of dance, bhangra, music and joyous celebrations, punjabi weddings are a pleasure to attend.
The 8 Best Honeymoon Destinations of South India
India is not only culturally diverse but offers unparalleled natural beauty. The abundance of beautiful locales and naturally exotic places across the country makes it possible for a major percentage of the newlywed couples to enjoy a perfect honeymoon, without spending huge amounts on a foreign trip.
Top Honeymoon Destinations from North India | WeddingPlz
Honeymoon, the first vacation as husband and wife is the time that everyone dreams of. It's the time to bask in the glory of wedding bliss. India is a land of diversity ranging from chilly hill stations to historical cities, from Himalayan peaks to paradise islands.
Muslim Wedding Rituals And Customs
Muslim weddings are simple, alluring, and elegant. Both Muslim men and women from around the world follow specific laws and practices laid down in Quran. Muslim wedding rituals extends up to three days. The colorful themes are being followed in different part of the world depending upon local traditions.
Skin Care Tips For Men in Summer | WeddingPlz
Gone are the days when only women cared for their skin. Men today love to have clear and glowing skin. The article gives you an insight into skin care tips for men in summers. Sun exposure, dry air and dust can create havoc to your skin.
Bengali Wedding Rituals And Customs
A typical Bengali Hindu marriage, like most other Hindu marriages in India is full of numerous rituals and ceremonies. Listed below are some interesting and important Bengali wedding rituals that form an integral part of every Bengali marriage.
Wedding nail art designs for indian Bride, images, Photos, ideas, tips | WeddingPlz | WeddingPlz
To all you ladies out there - its time to stand out! Its time to be a little different. Its time to look special and its time to give yourself a little change...! In short, its time for some gorgeous wedding nail art! Weddingplz gets you the most beautiful and best nail art designs !
Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2014 - Autumn/Winter Edition
The stage was Glamorous! The lights were Dazzling! The people were Mobbing! The cameras were Flashing! And the models were simply Jaw-Dropping! Wow! is all you could utter at 2014 edition of Autmn/Winter Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week.
Indian Wedding Accessories for Groom, Traditional Western Wedding Accessories for men | WeddingPlz
When it comes to groom accessories, you need not worry about the variety and type, as we have some great tips on the range that exists for wedding accessories for men as per your dressing style. Its an instant hit and makes you look amazing.
Solah Shringar- Sixteen Steps for Indian Bridal Makeup | WeddingPlz
Solah Shringar' is a woman's beauty list (sixteen steps of bridal makeup) before she gets married. Dressed in beautiful attire, with bridal makeup and wedding jewellery alike and a charming body decorated to perfection- an Indian bride is certainly a sight to behold. solah singar, solah shingar.
How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Banquet Hall - Tips and Ideas | WeddingPlz
Preparation and planning for a weddings starts the moment we decide our wedding partner. There are several important decisions that need to be taken like buying jewellery, bridal and groom's attire, caterers, and the most important being choosing a wedding banquet for the special day.
How to choose Wedding Florist, What to Ask Your Wedding Florist | WeddingPlz
A beautiful flower arrangement is something that adds a new freshness to the wedding, making it colourful and elegant. Thus, good florists and decorators are a extremely important if you want a beautiful wedding décor. There are many aspects you have to look into while deciding the flowers for your big day.
Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas | WeddingPlz
'Oh my' is what comes to your mind when it is about planning your wedding and managing all your finances. This is certainly not one person's task and takes a lot of hard work, time and skill.
Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bride and Groom | WeddingPlz
Finding a perfect gift for your partner that draws a big smile across his/her face and gets you a warm, affectionate and a beautiful hug in return, requires planning and a well deserved thought and if possible - a talk beforehand.
Ideas For Successful Mehndi Function, Mehndi ki Raat Ladies Sangeet | WeddingPlz
Mehndi ki raat or Sangeet is the Indian equivalent of a bridal shower. Its a time when Bride gets to spend time of fun and relaxation with family and friends, gorgeous Mehndi design is applied to hands and feet of the glowing bride with her close friends amidst laughter and music.
Creative and Coolest Wedding Invitations Ideas | WeddingPlz
Let me share a secret here - I would attend a worst enemy's wedding, complete with a gift and shagun, if I like the card. Yes, cards are important! There was once a time when not much attention and time was spent on choosing a wedding card. But today, things have definitely changed.