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Personal Injury Lawyers Pavilion: Amusement Park Accidents

Amusement parks are one of America’s favorite pastimes. In fact, these venues are right up there with baseball when it comes to upholding national spirit and culture. However, every pastime has its downside and although amusement parks are very safe, sometimes accidents do occur. When an amusement park accident render injuries and fatalities, personal injury lawyers from Utah to Bangladesh are summoned to resolve the injustice.
The Expoland Emergency
This Japan amusement park saw its roller coaster derailed, causing 19 serious injuries and one fatality on May 5, 2007. It was later surmised that a broken axle caused the accident, and the amusement park was held culpable for its negligence.
Water World Wades in Death
This California water park witnessed an accident in 1997 that would lead to its reputation’s demise when 33 recently graduated high school seniors congregated all-too-readily atop a water slide. One 17 year old died from a crushed chest while the remaining 32 were taken to nearby hospitals. Utah personal injury lawyers were appalled by the golden state’s incident.
An All-Too-Dangerous Derby
Although occurring over 100 years ago, this Massachusetts roller coaster was one of the first ever constructed. Created with wood, the roller coaster catapulted a passenger toward his death several days after its first ride. Two fatalities later, the roller coaster ended up in a Supreme Court case – not surprising to personal injury lawyers.
Wave Pool? More Like Grave Pool
Thankfully, perched thousands of miles from Utah, this amusement park on the East Coast sustained many blemishes on its record. It holds the unofficial title of world’s most dangerous amusement park, mainly because of its nefarious wave pool.
The Human Trebuchet: It’s Totally Safe
There’s no problem with medieval weaponry as long as it catapults inanimate objects – not humans. However, civilians of Somerset, England, can visit this ride if they dare. The ride’s death toll is currently 2.
King’s Island
After a 20-year-old fell into a pond and two men attempted to rescue him, the pond generated an electric shock fatal to two of the three people involved. If this occurs to people not on an actual ride in the amusement park, imagine what else could happen. Personal injury lawyers beware.
Oakwood Amusement Park
This amusement park is responsible for the death of a 16-year-old girl, who fell off its main roller coaster and later died from internal injuries. Authorities fined the park 250,000 euros for its negligence, for they did not routinely administer safety checks for the ride.
Six Flags’ Haunted Castle Attraction
In 1984, a fitting year indicative of an Orwellian nightmare, Six Flags’ Haunted Castle attraction in New Jersey burst into flames, eight teenagers dying in the incident. Deemed an act of arson rather than negligence, the amusement park escaped culpability in the court of law.


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