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Liegerad | recumbents

(a) Allgemeine Infos (b) Media + Foren (c) Special Interest (d) Besondere Modelle
(e) Tieflieger (f) Sesselräder (g) Dreiräder (h) Trikes: Sport + Handbikes
(i) Extreme Trikes (j) 4-Räder (k) Teile + Zubehör

(a) general informations (b) media + forums (c) Special Interest (d) special models
(e) Lowracers (f) semi-recumbents (g) Trikes (h) Trikes: Sport + Handbikes
(i) Extreme Trikes (j) 4-wheelers (k) parts + accessories



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a000 | Rollevolution Update

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a001 | A Collection of Velomobile Links- Part 1

Bicycle Design

"I don't own one (yet), but I do have a fascination with velomobiles and mention them here at BicycleDesign from time to time. They are certainly not as..."

a002 | A Collection of Velomobiles (or whatever you choose to call them)- part 2

Bicycle Design

"If you missed last week's post at Bicycle Design about velomobiles, be sure to check it out. In addition to the links that I mentioned in the body of the..."


"...The University of Liverpool Velocipede Team (ULV Team)... set the British land speed record for fastest human powered vehicle in September 2015 with the ARION1 Land Speed Bicycle, reaching 75 mph..."

c001 | Arion1 > University of Liverpool team aims to hit 90 mph in pedal-powered Arion1 Velocipede


"Last September, at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge at Battle Mountain in Nevada, a Dutch team made up of students from TU Delft and VU Amsterdam set the current world speed record of 83.13 mph (133.78 km/h) for an unpaced cyclist on flat ground in the VeloX3..."

c002 | Czech Solar Team to Race 7,300 km on Solar Electric Trikes in The Sun Trip!

Electric Bike Report

"The Sun Trip: A bicycle, an electric motor, a battery, a solar panel and a world that can run differently...."

c003 | HPV Super Series


"In 1985, what would become the inaugural Pedal Prix race was held in the car park of the what was at the time the Underdale Campus of The University of South Australia on Holbrooks Road. There were less than a dozen participating teams. This event marks the start of the Australian HPV Super Series and at the time it generated tremendous interest..."

c003 | HPV Super Series > Pedal prix teams tackle 24-hour endurance race

ABC. net

"More than 220 teams from across Australia are spending 24 hours racing their human-powered vehicles (HPV) around a circuit at Murray Bridge in South Australia. This weekend's endurance race is the final of the year in the HPV Super Series ..."

c004 | Metastretto

20 Minuten

"Francesco Russo hat ... das schnellste handgebaute Velo Europas konstruiert. Sein Zweirad in Carbon-Monocoque-Bauweise hat die Jury überzeugt und wurde zum Siegervelo erkoren..."

c005 | - Velocar, Liegerad, Microcar


"Wir, das sind Sascha Kaltwasser und Michael Grützner, wollen ein Informations-Forum für die umfangreichen Dinge rund um das Thema Charles und Georges Mochet einrichten..."

c006 | Moon Buggy

"NASA’s Great Moonbuggy Race, which is held annually at the Marshall Space Flight Center, in Huntsville, Alabama, challenges students to design, build and race lightweight, human-powered vehicles... "

c006 | Moon Buggy Trike can tackle commute on the moon


Winner of the Best Design Award at the 2011 edition of NASA's annual Great Moon buggy Race, the RISD Moon Buggy 2011 is one of the most sophisticated recumbent trikes..."

c007 | Paris Brest Paris 2015


"PBP, what is it ?"

c007 | Paris-Brest-Paris & Recumbent Bikes

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club


auf einer Weltkarte können sich Liegeradfahrer eintragen ("Weltliegeradgemeinschaft")
locations of recumbent riders on a world map ("World Recumbent community")

c009 | tandem trikes

c010 | Velo X > The Fastest Bicycle on Earth


"...Almost 200 years after the invention of the vélocipède and Drais' dandy horse, personal mobility is one of the highest imperatives in a globalized world..."

c011 | Wind Explorer - Windbetriebenes Elektrofahrzeug

"Der Windexplorer ist ein von ONYX entwickeltes und gefertigtes, windbetriebenes Elektrofahrzeug. Auf Basis einer mitgeführten modularen Windkraftanlage ist es möglich, mit diesem Gefährt überall dort emmissionsfrei zu fahren, wo der Wind weht..."

d001 | RatRacerSL recumbent bicycle


The RatracerSL was designed as a fast day bike, ideal for Audax-type events. The riding position of this laid back machine provides exceptional comfort and aerodynamics,..."

d001 | Ratracer SL review


"For a bike so full of controversial features the Ratracer shrugs off convention very successfully and confi rms the rumour that everything Burrows touches turns to gold!..."

d001 | Ratracer Story - Sinking ever lower


"Starting point was not the existing and quite sensible Ratcatcher, but my Speedy three-wheeler where of course I sat quite low..."