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Stay Fit In Busy Life - Your Fitness Mantra

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Beginner's Guide To Fitness Jargons
If you are brand new to the fitness arena, one thing that can disturb you more than a heavy weight workout would be the jargons and lingos spewed out in the gym. You will hear heavy words with their literal meanings no where close to the perceived translations w.r.t. the gym.
Fitness Tips
5 things housewives can do to stay fit
Housewives often struggle with their weight loss goals. From family responsibilities to daily household chores, staying fit at home can be very challenging for housewives. And this gets even worse if your kid is under four years old with post pregnancy weight gain.
Know How Aamir Khan Got His Fitness Back For PK
Aamir Khan, bollywood's own Tom Hanks has upheld his image of a great fitness enthusiast, yet again. In PK, his latest assault on just-another-social-evil, Aamir was seen in a young and extremely fit avatar of himself. Apart from his intelligent on-screen indulgence, Aamir is a great source of motivation when fitness is discussed.

Know Your Diet
How You Can stay Fit by Doing Nothing
This is the magic fitness mantra, which we all are trying to crack. How we can stay fit without any exercise? Is it possible, of course it is! If you were to observe carefully, our ancestors never did any work out; the idea of gym did not even exist back then.
5 reasons why you should start running
Running is one of the most effective ways to stay fit.
Running Will Take You To Next Level Of Fitness
7 Crazy Health Benefits Of Falling In Love | Fitflea

What is more alluring than love itself. Chocolate truffle I guess. Alright let me put it another way. What is more enticing and calorie-deficit than love. Don't fight it if you feel falling in love as there are not many things in this world that are good for your health than love.

Ladies do you know your body type | Fitflea

Most of the women in their quest to lose weight often ignore their natural body type. Most of the training programs and diet fail when we try to go against our body type and do things, which our genetics wont allow us to.

7 Reasons Why You Should Allow Only Fit People In Your Bedroom | Fitflea

You just can't expect yourself to become a sex god with a Michelin tire tied around your belly. People often talk about the aesthetical benefits of a fit body and forget about the wonders it works for you in the bed. It's what we humans live for and on most of the occasions, die for.