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Updated by Jenna Moakley on Feb 12, 2016
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Possible Keyword Research Tools To Use

List of Keyword Research Tools that I think might be useful but haven't tried yet. Will move the items that I've used and found useful into a new list at later time.
Keyword Eye | Visual Keyword & Competitor Tools
Keyword Eye is a suite of affordable, fast, no-nonsense visual keyword, content and competitor research tools to help with your PPC and SEO campaigns. Top Find great keywords quickly. Bored of using the standard keyword tools? Our unique visual approach adds a new twist to keyword brainstorming.
Soovle - Keyword Suggestion Engine
Soovle is a different kind of keyword tool. It takes the suggestions from several search engines auto recommendations and performs as a unique keyword tool.
Keyword suggestion tool - Google suggest scraper - Übersuggest
Get thousands keywords ideas in a minute with this amazing keyword suggestion tool: Übersuggest is Google Suggest on steroids!
Merge Words - Combine words for SEO, PPC & linkbuilding
Tired of creating repetitive combinations of keywords? Use the Merge Words tool and combine sets of words automatically. For PPC, domain registrations, etc
Long Tail Pro | **Keyword Research Software to Find Long Tail Keywords**
If you are looking for a fast and easy way to find long tail keywords that you should be targeting on your website, then this ultimate tool is a must have!
Keyword Tool: 750 Google Keyword Suggestions for Free. Use 192 Google Domains & 83 Languages is the best FREE alternative to Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest. It uses Google's autocomplete feature to get over 750 long-tail keywords for any given query. supports 83 different languages and 192 Google domains.
Keyword Finder & SEO Difficulty Tool -
Find hundreds of hidden keywords with low SEO difficulty in seconds. KW Finder is your premier keyword research tool, try it out for free!
Search Marketing Research & Tracking | SpyFu SEM Tools
Spyfu is a keyword tool that gives you the ability to look at what your competitors are doing in their keyword research.
Keyword Spy
Keyword Spy gives you the ability to discover your competitions keywords and find additional profitable keywords that you can use in your keyword building campaigns.
Jaaxy | The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool
Jaaxy is the Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool Built for Internet Marketers. Use Jaaxy to Reveal the Hottest and Most Profitable Keywords Online
Free keyword suggestion tool - Google suggest scraper
Tinysuggest is an intelligent google suggest scraper. Although, most of the results come from Google Suggest results, you might also see additional results in there. We store all queries, in order to retrieve keyword data for you. That makes it possible to make further suggestions for your search.
Keyword Discovery - Advanced keyword research tool and search term suggestion tool
Keyword research is crucial for successful search engine website site optimization, managing pay per click keywords and achieving top search engine rankings. Try our search term suggestion tool.
The Long Tail Keyword Tool | HitTail
HitTail, the long tail keyword tool, guarantees to increase your organic traffic by focusing on the most promising keywords in your existing traffic.
The Free Keyword Tool - WordStream's Keyword Research Tool
The Free Keyword Tool is continuously updating a database of over a billion of the world's most popular keywords, aggregating over a trillion unique searches.
Free Long Tail Keyword Tools
Wednesday, January 04, 2012 What is a long tail keyword phrase? A long tail keyword phrase is keyword or phrase that has more than three or more words within the keyword.
Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool
How Does The SEO Book Keyword Tool Work? This keyword tool is powered by Wordtracker. You can explore more keywords by subscribing to their powerful keyword research tools - which currently offers a free full featured 7-day trial!
Market Samurai | Keyword Analysis Tool
Enter Your Details to Receive: 99% of Marketers FAIL To Rank In The Search EnginesBecause They Violate One Or More of The 4 UNBREAKABLE Golden Rules of SEO... You break just one of these rules, and all the time, effort, money, blood sweat and tears that you've poured into your project, might as well have been poured down the toilet.
Keyword Studio Early Access
Unique keyword workspace tool makes keyword research fast, easy and fun. Accepting beta users
The Ultimate Amazon Spy Tool for just $10!
FreshKey is the ultimate Keyword Research Tool... searching Google, Bing, Amazon, YouTube, Google Google Market, Ebay and Wikipedia to Find Out What Customers Really Want To Buy…
The Best Free & Premium Keyword Research Tools
Not a fan of Google's new Keyword Planner? Here are some alternative keyword research tools you can try today.
Keyword Snatcher - Find niche markets nobody else knows about.
It will find many more keywords then the new Google Planner could even come close to. This is a great Keyword search tool. Once you use Keyword Snatcher and see how many more keywords it will pull from search engines you'll laugh at the new Google's Keyword Planner with its limits of only 801 keywords per search.
Google Didn't Want Us To Use The Keyword Planner This Way. But It Works Nicely.

Just practicing my Upworthy titles. Did it make you click? Now that you're here, we'll look at what I'm talking about in a moment. But first let's set the scene as to why and when you'd want to use keyword planner in such unorthodox manners... It's 2:30 on a Friday.