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Updated by Fusion 360 on Jan 21, 2015
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How Your Windshield Affects Vehicle Inspection

When renewing your car’s registration, there are several things that mechanics check for during inspection. One of the things they check for is the windshield. In order for a vehicle to pass inspection, the windshield cannot have any visual obstructions. Depending on the severity and type of break, a windshield replacement may be necessary.
Combination Break
Combination breaks are quite a common form of windshield obstruction. This type of crack is is characterized by multiple breaks in a windshield. It may look like a chip with cracks coming off of it, usually requiring a windshield replacement if it is severe.
Stress Crack
This type of crack does not come as a result of direct impact to the windshield and usually is caused by extreme temperature changes. In places where winters are extremely cold like Utah or Colorado, drivers are at a greater risk for these types of cracks.
Floater Crack
Floater cracks begin in the middle of the windshield. These types of cracks cause much more obstruction in the view out of the windshield and will often times require an entire windshield replacement to pass inspection, rather than a simple fill.
Stone Break
Stone breaks come as a result of a stone or other hard item hitting the windshield. This type looks like a small chip and can often turn into a large crack over time.
Star Break
Star breaks include a series of small circular cracks with several points spiraling off of it, resembling a star. If the cracks coming off of it are long enough and obstruct the driver’s view, a mechanic may require a windshield replacement to qualify in the inspection.


Kate Giolas is an automotive writer. Information provided by Diamond Glass. Kate writes for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google+.
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