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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Jan 13, 2015
Headline for Your Own Style: 10 of the Best Upcycled Clothing Shops on Etsy
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Your Own Style: 10 of the Best Upcycled Clothing Shops on Etsy

Upcycled clothing is old made new again. It's when a piece of clothing (usually recycled) is re-made into something totally different. With how quickly fashion changes, and how fast clothing gets tossed, it is important we have access to the kind of creativity that makes something new out of what would otherwise end up in a landfill. Upcycled clothing is one-of-a-kind, anti-sweatshop, and recycled. It's time to play with fashion in a way that challenges the norm.

Broken Ghost Clothing

Broken Ghost clothing looks like freedom. The designer clearly loves playing with different fabrics and colours to make something totally outstanding. Everyday is a summer day in these pieces.

The Bohemian Dream

The Bohemian Dream has some of the most beautiful pieces I've ever seen. It reminds me of music festivals, summer bonfires, and running away forever. It's the kind of stuff you wear when you're a dreamer for life.

Remixd Clothing

Remixd Clothing does a good job of making everyday life feel like a fairytale. The long draped style was meant to be worn while you ride off into the sunset (on your bike).

Sleep on the Mountain

I never thought I'd see patchwork look this cool. Sleep on the Mountain does an amazing job at bringing together old techniques to make great new fashion. Grandma will appreciate the craft of the back of this shirt.

Mila Lem

Mila Lem has an earthy vibe and the clothing is very loose and free. The sweaters are perfect for chill fall days. There are also great accessories.

Garage Couture Clothing

Garage Couture clothing has a seriously romantic vibe. They also make women's tunics from men's dress shirts, because let's face it, men's dress shirts have some outstanding colours and fabrics. Also, it's amazing what a collar can do.

Andys Summer

Andys Summer offers the sweet dresses of your dreams. They are everything you've ever wanted in a summer dress; airy, colourful, and adorable. You'll eat, sleep, and breathe this fashion.


smARTville does a great job with detail. The blouses are simple but still have an eye-catching quality. They get attention without asking for it.

Tattered FX

Tattered FX brings everything together in a piece to make outstanding clothing. They're not afraid to experiment with fabrics and cuts. You'll find the hippie skirt you've been looking for here.

DeStressed Dreams

If you want something a little edgier, like clothing that speaks to the world, Destressed Dreams is where you look. The technique they use is stunning.