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Updated by Rachael Brandt on May 27, 2022
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Top Tips to Learn French

A collection of articles, tips, and ideas to rapidly improve French skills.

The Importance of French In the Workplace

In the past decade, businesses and schools have been stressing the importance of learning key Asian and Middle Eastern languages - chiefly Mandarin Chinese and Arabic - so western countries can keep up in the rapidly evolving world of commerce and foreign affairs.

4 Challenges You'll Face When Learning French

As one of the top ten most spoken and widely learned languages in the world, French is a heavy-weight contender when it comes to learning a new language. French is one of the easiest languages for native English speakers to learn precisely because the languages intersect when it comes to vocabulary and a strong Latin base.

Tips to Improve Your French Accent

We all know it's difficult. It's one of those languages that can make a fool of anyone -- and I'm not here to discourage mistakes, they're what help us learn -- what I want to do is make you aware of some methods for improving your accent, to help you sound like a natural French speaker.

French Level Test | Test Your French Online | Language Trainers

Test your French language level now. Our instant results will tell you where you are from Beginner to Advanced. Completely free, only takes 15 minutes.

Tips For Increasing Your French Vocab Bank

If you've been studying French for some time, you've probably reached the point where you're comfortable with the grammar but are in serious need of increasing your vocab bank. Many people consider this as one of the hardest parts of language learning, due to the memory gymnastics you have to put your brain through.

French Movies that Teach You To Speak Like a Native

If you're traveling to France and want to get in with the natives, look no further than the movies on this list. Whether you'll be engaging in formal meetings with colleagues or casual chit-chat with your new French buddies, these films will teach you how people actually speak, and will surely help you make new friends and connections on your trip to France.