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Business Processing Outsourcing

All about Business Processing Outsourcing – BPO news & updates. Key Areas: Business Process Management, Data Capture, Collection, Document Processing & Data Management Solutions.

Archived Files - A Rational Option for Storing Your Voice Transcripts

Mistakes happen! It can happen with anyone, as humans are prone to errors! Like for example, deleting an important file; it can wreak havoc for transcription services! Losing of an important document is equal to huge loss in business. I am sure it would have happened, quite a number of times; that by mistake you have deleted an important file.

The Future of Medical Transcription - An Overview
A general outlook for medical transcription is that it is one of the simplest jobs. While it is hardly simple,the work of medical transcriptionists is pretty much clear-cut in nature making it seemingly an easy task!However those who know what it involve will tell you otherwise.
Design Logos That Mesmerize, Revisiting the Logo Quiz Giving You Lessons to Learn From Famous Brands
Past few days newspapers read, The World Trade Center has a new logo. Part of a $3.57 million branding endeavor, is like a Rubin vase test - playing tricks on the eye and asking viewers to see what they want to see.
Optical Character Recognition and The Digitization Wave
Optical Character Recognition, popularly abbreviated as OCR technology, is very relevant to the concept of paperless office and the wave of digital revolution. The basic idea of OCR however is not new. Don't you read and recognize characters? The OCR/ICR machine has evolved to from the same basic concept of tracking - matching and identifying.
Harvest Data from Websites…But How Ethical is Web Scraping?
We have entered an age where relevant, comprehensive and apt information has a pivotal role to play! In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that around 80% of business processes across the world, today, somewhere relies on effective online data harvesting and scraping.
Raw Image Conversion and Processing Into JPEG…!!!
Do you click photographs in RAW format, and want to edit these files effectively. Digital darkroom professionals can help you process your RAW files and edit them as required. However as a photographer it is very important to have that idea of how Photo processing capabilities can be used to enhance your RAW image, hence judge whether the picture you clicked has failed or has the potential of being processed into a breathtaking image.
Graphic Design : This is What you Should Look Forward in Year 2015
There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” says Milton Glaser. A ‘Wow-inducing’ design is the key that opens door to success!!! It is usually an impressive’ graphic design that catches’ your eyes immediately. Graphic design has come a long way — with the emerging technologies, there a shift in general attitude is seen. In fact, 2014 saw a fresh attitude where concept of saturated ‘heritage’ aesthetic seemed to fade away.
BPO Vs KPO – What are Their Differences?
BPO and KPO may seem identical but in reality there are profound difference in between them. First, let’s learn them by their terms:
Infographic: In-house Vs Outsourcing Audio Transcription – Who is the Best?
IN-HOUSE or OUTSOURCING, which one is better??? Because each option has its own benefits. But when you compare both option, “outsourcing” seems to have more benefits. According to industry reports, outsourcing audio transcription requirements can help to minimize the operational costs by 30-40%.
Data conversion has become need of the hour!

Document conversion primarily consists of transforming or changing a document or file into electronic versions. Moreover, it also refers to transforming some form of a document into another form of document or formats it into a compatible format, making it readable in various applications.

Keep Outsourced Data Safe - Data Entry Outsourcing Safety Concerns and Remedies

Selecting the apt outsourcing data entry provider is vital to getting the task completed successfully. But the critical aspect is; whether you are into information technology, product development and research, content marketing, business transcription, social media marketing and customer service, apprehension about security.

Big Data Transforms Invaluable Key to Business Success

In today's information age; every single domain in an organization is dependent on big data to recognize patterns and make forecasts for innovations leading to breakthroughs. Irrespective of whether you are into human resources, product development, customer service or sales and marketing; big data business opportunities have given a new hope to businesses in reaching the pinnacle.

Combining Innovation with Business Process Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing industry, dynamic domain which meets the challenges of a very swiftly changing technology world along with business environment. There are a few things that have changed in the last two decades.

6 Crucial Outsourcing Slip-ups Done by Entrepreneurs

We are in year 2014 the age of outsourcing it is commonly known as subcontracting, freelancing, crowd sourcing and virtual assistance. Outsourcing non-core operational activities allow companies to grow rapidly and save time, cost and get access to most advance technologies, skills and infrastructure.

The Prospect of Big Data and Data Mining

There has been tremendous outburst of data from different sensors, devices in various formats from self-governing or connected applications. Data increase has enhanced challenges to process, scrutinize, stock and comprehend it.

Four Tips to Lower BPO Outsourcing Costs

With BPO outsourcing emerging as a reality for modern businesses, what do you think is the key to minimize the costs? In ever-changing business environment today that is dramatically pushed by costs, organizations consider it most effective to outsource specialized services in key areas and address the issue of lack of infrastructure, skill shortage, and huge costs.

Virtual Office Assistant – a Life Saver

The mere articulation of the saying “Virtual Office Assistant” is a most recent agitation which has hit the search engine platforms. It can make an entrepreneur ecstatic or apoplectic-all relying upon their experience with this increasingly well-known administrative help. Being a business visionary, you are prone to wear numerous hats to keep up the accomplishment of your business.

6 Book Cover Design Mistakes; You Should Absolutely Avoid

Don't judge a book by its cover! Though a book cannot be adjudged good or bad by its cover, a good book cover design definitely ups it's desirability quotient, and hence the sales. Go to any book shop and you can see readers randomly surfing through the racks, they pick up a book because its cover and the title attracts them.

The Flip Side: Photo Retouching to Celebrate Beauty with All its Flaws and Failings

Invention of camera is perhaps the best thing that happened to humanity – Thanks to the art of photography; we can actually go back in time and relive our memories. Now as the camera has evolved the possibilities are wide, and clicking a perfect shot has become reality.

Web research - the most effective methods to catch on the nerve of volatile market

The world is moving at dynamic speed, posing numerous opportunities and challenges. Competition has become the norm of the day; and one of the best ways to beat the heat of this competitiveness and gain an edge is to be loaded with proper, relevant and updated information about the marketplace.

Data Extraction Services will Change the Face of Travel Industry…!!!

Travel industry has come a long way! – With time and technological progress; travel sector has also done a new-age hat and has gone online. In fact, if you just type a random place; you will along with other search results, get links of numerous site providing hotel and ticket bookings. It has all become easy – As simple as clicking computer mouse or tapping on your smartphones! Though various web research services or web scrapping services are the back stage performers, but their role is vital in the entire success story.

Web Scraping Services Imperative for Effective Business Decision Making Process…!!!

Timely decisions determines how well you will succeed in your business venture! In fact, it plays a very crucial role when things are so dynamic tables can be turned at a drop of a hat! Any delay in translating brilliant ideas into actions at proper time becomes lethal in any business situation. And it directly reflects on operational efficiencies and adversely influences the monetary health of your enterprise. So, what goes in quick and right decision making process? – A quick mind, you will say; no doubts in that.

PSD to HTML5 Conversion - A Ticket for your Website to Get on Top...!!!

PSD to HTML conversion proves to be extremely beneficial and helps your organization to generate maximum ROI; as long trails of features tag along, making the website stand out in the crowd!

Photo Editing Services; Not Just For Show-Biz or Fashion Industry...!!!

Photographs play a very critical role for marketing and advertising; and hence many business leaders have turned towards image editing services to get high-quality and blemish-free images. Needless, to say, editing photos is one of the excellent and widely accepted methods to restore the old, torn out or photo-bombed images.

Professional Data Formatting and Cleansing Services Can Help Fix Bad Data

For any organization; information and data forms the most strategic assets - In fact, both these combined make the strongest pillars in the success story of any enterprise. In fact, undermining the importance of harnessing business data can be detrimental for an organization, since it adversely affects the decision-making processes.