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Updated by Nick Kellet on Nov 13, 2015
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Top 40 Fitness Professionals That Will Impact 2012


Tim Ferriss

Body hacking? Ya, that’s a synonym for “Tim Ferriss”. His blog is read by millions, he’s a best selling author, and he’s not afraid to experiment on his body. Ever heard of The 4-Hour Body? That’s Tim. In 2012, his new book, appropriately titled, The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life promises to change the way we cook, eat, and learn. Get ready 2012


Dr. John Berardi

Dr. John Berardi

Dr. John Berardi, Nate Green, Krista Scott-Dixon, and the whole Precision Nutrition team
The premise of PN is: life-changing, research-driven nutrition coaching for everyone. Judging by talking to former coaching clients, and current PN coaches, I would have to agree. These guys know their stuff. PN promises to breakout and expand this year, offering $75,000 in prizes to clients…and we all thought that having a hot body was good enough? BONUS!

Randy Hetrick

AKA “The Man Behind the TRX Suspension Trainer”. Over the past few years, Randy has grown awareness for the TRX Suspension Trainer to a magnitude he probably couldn’t have ever imagined. Here’s the scary thing: he’s only getting started. Lookout this year as the TRX takes over a gym near you.