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BIM Revit Family

BIM Revit Family Creation for Components across MEP, Architectural and Structural Disciplines

"Revit Family creation for BIM, allows experts to build native families 'these families include development of components across MEP, architectural and structural disciplines', which are essential for a project to run seamlessly." The structural elements include rebar, columns, beams and other similar equipments, while the Architectural elements include families for doors, windows, furniture, walls, stairs etc.

Construction Risks; Mitigating through BIM

Know what are the major constrains facing the construction industry through BIM and how BIM enhance the risk management and migration of risk.

BIM for Fire Engineering; Delivering Safe & Cost-Effective Building Projects

The fire protection industry needs to gear up for BIM adoption across the industry, with BIM level 2 mandate hanging right above the head.

Why MEP engineering firms should integrate BIM?

Information modeling is more suitable when MEP engineers talk about architectural and structural building but when MEP engineering firms need more technical/industrial components then they first choose the MEP design.

Use of 3D Visualization Technique in Manufacturing & Construction Industries

Manufacturing and Construction industries are using the 3D visualization technique to provide personalized marketing experience using attractive and dynamic that fulfill the customer needs.

Structural Modeling Services to Expand the Strength of Building Structures

Structural modeling helps in various portfolios such as commercial building, industrial, residential, health care, etc. The main advantage of structural modeling is easing up the complex building structures.

MEP Contractors Should Follow These 3 Steps for Efficient MEP Design

MEP Design plays most crucial role in building projects and if you are MEP Contractors or MEP engineers then you must have to know about these 3 steps for efficient MEP design.

BIM Outsourcing: How MEP Contractors Ensure Better ROI?

As a matter of fact, there is a significant rise in BIM outsourcing by MEP contractors of all sizes. However, the outsourcing trend is more prevalent in small and mid-sized companies.

Why BIM is an Ideal Choice for MEP Design and Installation?

Know how well BIM play the important role in MEP design and MEP installation challenges. And why BIM becomes the best choice for MEP contractors and consultants.

BIM & Earthquake Engineering aid Structural Engineers to Design & Build Robust Structures

BIM & Earthquake engineering helps structural engineers to design and build strong structures using latest tools, technology and various BIM analysis methods.

How BIM Improves Safety & Efficiency, and Reduces Operating Costs

BIM is too essential and pertinent when it comes to infrastructure facility. BIM benefits are not just limited to ‘building projects’ but it aids infrastructure projects as well and with the same severity.

How BIM 3D Modeling Aids in MEP Spatial Coordination?

Know how 3d modeling plays crucial role in spatial coordination for MEP contactors and also know how BIM helps MEP contractors to fix design clashes during spatial coordination.

Architectural Modeling & Rendering: 3D Residential Building Architecture

We have developed a 3d residential building model for one of our US based client. Check out our 3d architectural modeling & rendering project samples here.

BIM & As-Built Models Mitigate Risks in Refurbishment Projects

Building refurbishment tasks are way different than new build construction projects and are much less predictable. It takes a subject matter expertise to know and plan an efficient schedule to get the most out of BIM.

Is BIM Getting Tough; Or Is It Just A Deceit?

BIM was introduced with an aim to coordinate and collaborate architectural, structural and MEP layout designs. But today, BIM has come way too far than just coordinating these three disciplines and includes much more efficient designs for firefighting solutions, energy modeling, facility management etc.

Forward thinking BIM; A walk through the Future

With an ever rising boom in infrastructure construction and efficient development, it is hard to deny plethora of benefits that BIM offers with accuracy greater than ever. The common data environment has essentially enabled seamless 3D design development, 4D and 5D BIM solutions bring dexterity in contractors’ ability to set the construction sequencing and project financial estimation, and ultimately 6D and 7D BIM solutions have improved facility operations at minimum energy and a smooth maintenance.

How Pivotal is 5D BIM to General Contractors?

According to leading AEC industry professionals, large-scale construction projects with multiple complexities mean, extended deadlines for completion and lagging behind when it comes to existing knowledge of the market condition. Mandating BIM by various governments across the globe is taking a hold, which is far stronger than what EPC firms and individual stakeholders can realize.

Construction Design Engineers should adopt Autodesk Revit to meet stringent project deadlines & market demands

As far as usability is concerned, Revit has vivid applications which are the keys to the paradigm shift in construction management. The 4D, 5D and 6D BIM models with Revit empower contractors in making informed decisions. Not only this, it enables contractors to set the accurate bid value for projects, meet the deadlines, manage the resources appropriately and reduce the waste and hence rework to a minimum level.

There are 3 P’s of BIM: People, Processes and Policies

BIM works best when all those involved in the construction project can share information freely and collaborate. Contracts usually forbid information sharing under the clause of confidentiality, liability and litigation concerns. It is, therefore, important to understand that design solutions are required to not only protect companies but also encourage them to collaborate.

BIM and Cloud: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Construction Management

For general contractors, delivering quality construction projects in minimal time is the key to get quick ROIs. However, delivering quality of work in construction sector has to start from grass root level since; lives of hundreds of inhabitants depend on it. Meeting both the ends of quality and quick building construction solutions was quite a challenge few years ago. However; with advent in technology, AEC fraternity has surpassed these barriers, and general contractors successfully clubbed BIM with Cloud technology for the betterment of construction practices.

Pay No More to BIM Charlatans; Else You Are a Propagator of BIM Wash

One of the ways to eradicate BIM wash that comes as a result of unnecessary jargons usage is to educate the professionals and office staff with necessary BIM knowledge. EPC firms and professionals involved in construction projects, whatsoever, can never be persuaded by the flow of BIM wash if they concentrate on core values of BIM. The core values of BIM revolve around CIC BIM protocol, PAS 1192, COBie and IFC considering all the aspects of any building and construction project, very precisely.

When BIM Supersedes 2D Drawings, Structural Engineers Need Collaboration Cosh

With more contractors adopting BIM platforms such as Autodesk’s Revit, Allplan etc. each passing day, it has started to overrule 2D drawings, gradually. For structural engineers, the day when 2D drawings won’t be a primary document for contract approval isn’t far.

Emerging Economies LEED in BIM Adoption; A Step Towards Betterment

The pivotal hurdle in green buildings development for emerging economies is that these countries have many other national issues like poverty, unemployment, and ultimately better living standards to be looked after. It has thus compelled governmental authorities to address aforementioned issues from the front; obviously putting green buildings construction to enter the fray from behind.

3 Stories that Define BIM’s Influence on AEC industry

During the early 2000s, AEC industry was quite skeptical about shifting from CAD to BIM, but today BIM has become an integral part of every single construction project. BIM has embedded itself deep in the industry such that without it AEC professionals feel handicapped right from design through construction. The software technology along with BIM has essentially refined designing, construction and facility management to become prudent in a holistic way.

Maintaining the Sanctity of the Museum Architecture While Designing

The beauty of European museum architecture addresses the mutability and monumentality of construction. Alongside beauty, failure, futility and disappearance are canned as generative process by architectural consultants. Furthermore, amalgamation of architectural designs with engineering and technology has become innovative with BIM adoption.

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