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Updated by Michael Volkmann on Jul 17, 2018
Headline for Top Leader 2015 for the Tsu Community
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Top Leader 2015 for the Tsu Community

In this list we perform the top leaders 2015 for the tsu social network. It's not about who has the most tsu friends or followers, but he who is most helpful for the community . These tsu members are team worker, who are the members with guides and tutorials to help construction of the tsu network.


Leader Jon Dunn ( @JonDunn )

Father of 4, husband to the most wonderful woman on the planet and digital marketer from the UK. Tsu Coaching LOVING tsu hope you do too? Follow @JonDunn

Tsu Top Leader List Admin Michael Volkmann ( @businessblog )

Michael Volkmann is the owner of a marketing agency (Tweuropa Marketing) in Germany. Expert in social media marketing.Owner of the Blog Tsu Business Blog: Innovative content marketing solutions 2015 for small business users.. Tips and Tutorials for professional works on tsü. Follow @businessblog

Leader Kevin Hinkle ( @Kevinhinkle )

Top Leader Kevin Hinkle with over 30.000 followers Kevin Hinkle has been one of the Early Adopters on the TSU social network and has achieved massive growth thus far in his very first 25 days. It gives daily sensible tips for the tsu community. Follow @Kevinhinkle

Leader Dexter Roona ( @DexterRoona )

Dexter Roona is a Internet Marketer and Social Media Enthusiast. Owner of the site Dexter Roona provides daily tips for the tsu community. Follow @DexterRoona

Leader Armando Lüscher ( @noplanman )

WordPress enthusiast, coder, philosopher, reader, life student, chillaxer, gardener, self developer, traveller, gamer. Armando Lüscher is the programmer of the Tsu Helper script .The Tsu Helper script adds a bunch of tweaks to make your Tsu experience more user friendly. Follow @noplanman

Leader Auth Icle ( @Authicle )

Founder of -Entrepreneur, Artist ,Illustrator ,Blogger - Customer Service . is a platform where people can advertise their Tsu invitations (shortcode) to the public. People who use are voluntarily entering their Tsu shortcode (link) to our website with the expectation of being found in Google or any other search engine results. Follow @Authicle

Leader Tsu Fan Zine ( @TsuFanZine )

TsuFanZine is number 19 on the TOP 50 to Follow with over 10.000 Tsu Follwers . TsuFanZine provides good tips for the tsu community. Follow @TsuFanZine

Leader Unofficial Tsu Forum ( @UnofficialTsuForum ) - Unofficial discussion forums - Celebrities, Charities, Tips & Tricks, Tutorials, User blogs and help from people all arround the World! Follow @UnofficialTsuForum

Leader Christine DeGraff ( @ChristineDeGraff )

Christine DeGraff is an entrepreneur w/17 yrs experience in web development, SEO and Internet marketing and a co-founder of DeGraff provides helpful tips for the tsu community. Follow @ChristineDeGraff

Leader Rex Dow ( @RexDow )

Adventurer, Investor, Linguist, tsu Evangelist, Music CEO, Provoker. Join Tsu You on Facebook or follow @TsuYou for tsu tips from across tsunation. Follow @RexDow

Leader Ron Callari ( @roncallari )

Social Media Scientist who tempers magnetic marketing with a touch of digital Zen! ~ Nam Myoho Renge Tsūeet! Follow @roncallari

Leader Detlev Artelt ( @Detlev_Artelt )

Detlev Artelt : CEO, consultant, author, moderator, networker, university lecturer. Works at gives advice in communications & speech tech . Follow @Detlev_Artelt

Leader Elza van Swieten ( @ConfluenceMedia )

Webdesign, writer, photographer, publisher and social media specialist. Blogging about lifestyle, design and spirituality. *[Follow @ConfluenceMedia](*

Leader Uwe Lang ( @UweLang )

Vice President, EMEA @ LEWIS PR, topics: communications ,PR,storytelling,sales,soccer,Formula1... Follow @UweLang

Leader Kiele Will Inspire You ( @Kielebear )

Hawaiian | Secretary-Director for a Non-Profit Organization | Admin for & | Maker of Memes | Book Nerd | Human? | Kiele (key-el-ay): Follow @Kielebear