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Updated by Jackson Middleton on Mar 23, 2020
Headline for ILMB Episode 1 Resource List
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ILMB Episode 1 Resource List

Here is a list sharing all the places I mentioned in this post.

I Love Mortgage Brokering ILMB

Here is the I Love Mortgage Brokering page. A collection of podcasts, videos, and blog posts with the single purpose of making mortgage brokers better. ILMB is kinda like fight club. Only for mortgage brokers. With lots of loving and sharing. And no fighting.

Canadian Mortgage Hangout . TV

Weekly Google+ Hangout where mortgage professionals from across Canada join in for a discussion about mortgages, real estate, industry news and more!

Scott Peckford

Scott is the owner of Impact Mortgages, is a mortgage broker and author. Scott is also the founder of the I Love Mortgage Brokering Podcast. I like Scott a lot, he handles mortgages full time. He is the guy I send my past clients to.

Sabeena Bubber's Blog

Mortgage Dilemma: Should I Go Fixed or Stay Variable?

I was recently interviewed by a mortgage industry publication about my thoughts on fixed vs variable. Here is a link to the video, I will share it on my blog once we have a complete transcript. In the mean time, I wanted to dig a little deeper, so I wrote the article below!

Dustan Woodhouse's Blog

Interest Rates: Pundits, Predictions and Sharknado

Short Version Watch Sharknadoas it is a better use of your time than reading inflammatory predictions. Mortgage rates actually dipped lower this week. For a BC resident with the provincial average variable-rate mortgage balance of $300,000.00 a 0.25% hike in interest rates ... Continue reading →

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