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Updated by Fusion 360 on Jan 12, 2015
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8 Industries That Stand to Benefit From Web Scraping

Many people erroneously feel that you’ve got to work in some sort of tech-related field to benefit from the perks of digital data extraction or “web scraping,” as it’s often called. The truth of the matter, however, is that the advantages of web scraping — the formal scouring of the Internet and all of her websites for valuable market data — extend to nearly all industries.


A sharp increase in the need for big data scientists has led world-renowned universities like Berkeley, Stanford, Columbia and New York University to increase the amount of money that they dedicate to the development of big data academic programs. Oddly enough, they arrived at such a conclusion through web scraping.


Church leaders all across the country use web scraping to analyze web traffic, monetary and charitable donations, event attendance and attendee loss management to better enhance the participatory experiences for each of their respective members.


During Barack Obama’s 2012 Presidential re-election campaign, his Facebook page received an additional 33 million Likes. Additionally, his YouTube channel gained 240,000 new subscribers. The success of Obama’s re-election campaign is largely attributed to web scraping’s ability to harness and analyze the unstructured data that abounds on social media sites.




Remember Brad Pitt’s role in “Moneyball” as Billy Beane? Big data played an important role in the movie (and in real life) as data was both scraped and analyzed by Beane’s right-hand man, Peter Brand — played by Jonah Hill.


Completed in April of 2003, the Human Genome Project (HGP) gave scientists the ability to read nature’s complete genetic blueprint, in theory, providing a framework through which a human being could be built from scratch. From human cloning to tailor-made pharmaceuticals, the project has saved millions of lives through the precious data that it’s provided. Seeing as how over 20 major scientific programs, universities, corporations and institutions participated in the project, it’s easy to see why web scraping would help for future endeavors with a similar level of importance.


Through web scraping, banks are easily able to determine who is at risk of fiscal default based on information that’s often difficult to obtain such as personal circumstance, geography and income. Since the mortgage crisis in 2008, banks have been more cautious with their money and web scraping is helping them implement safer lending tactics.




Analysts for Macy’s use location data from mobile phones to find out how many people tend to be in their parking lots on the morning of Black Friday. With this kind of data, accuracy with inventory, sales and pricing increases.




Lucas Miller is a tech writer. Information provided by Mozenda. He writes for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find him on Google+.


Long gone are the days when individual scientists made groundbreaking discoveries in the privacy of their personal labs. Currently, large teams of scientists and engineers — usually studying in government-sponsored laboratories — work together by building off of previous data that’s been digitally recorded, without ever having physically come into contact.

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