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Web Tools

Google Penalty Checker from Fruition

Check your website for Google Penalties.

* Protect your sites

* Keep up with Google Penalization

* Avoid Google Penalization

* Free! No strings attached

The Best Free Tools for Twitter Analytics | Adam Sherk
What are the best free tools for analyzing a Twitter profile? A round-up of useful Twitter analytics tools.
Twitter Search, Monitoring, & Analytics |
Topsy Social Media Analytics allow you to search by time & place, set alerts, and analyze sentiment for every tweet ever made. Search our entire database free.
Your New SEO Browser: Browseo
View any web page like search engines see it. Browseo helps you to identify issues with your site and with competitors' sites. Browseo is 100% free.



I really like ! A place where you can organize and share your favorite websites. How do you like Symbaloo?

Code Search - Source Code Search Engine - NerdyData
NerdyData Insights is a real time source code crawling engine. Discover the right leads at the right moment.
KnowEm Username Check for Social Networks, Domains and Trademarks
Check username availability on over 500 social networks in social media, domain names and the USPTO Trademark database to see if your company, brand, product, or username is available or taken

Generate up-to-the-minute reports or pull custom reports. Export the data to excel, CSV or a large variety of other f...

Generate up-to-the-minute reports or pull custom reports. Export the data to excel, CSV or a large variety of other f...

FREE Monitor web pages & extract new information. Changes to monitored website are sent as daily alerts by email.

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  1. VisualPingVisualPing is easy to use and requires no registration. All you have to do is go to the site, type in the website you want to track and provide an email they can send notifications to. These notifications can be set to come in hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.There’s also a trigger option to get notifications for tiny, medium or major changes. Based on your settings, VisualPing will send you two images – a before and an after – to show how the site you are tracking has changed.One drawback to VisualPing is it cannot differentiate between content or ad changes. Thus, if you are using the Tiny Change option, you might get a notification even when there isn’t change in the content. No worries, if you don’t want to track the site any longer, there’s an on the notification email to take care of that.
receive site errors notifications
  1. Follow That PageRegister to start using Follow That Page, then click on Your Pages to add a new page to monitor. The settings for this service is quite simple. You can set the frequency of checks from up to 20 pages daily or every hourly for only 1 page. Check more than one site hourly with a pro account, for €20/year.The settings also allow you to like when it encounters a 'Page Not Found' during a check.Notifications only include text changes and will show what was added, removed and/or changed. One drawback is that it will show very minor changes like the 'written 2 hours ago' line on a blog post. Otherwise it’s a simple and useful page monitor.


Dirty Markup · Tidy up your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code

A web-based interface for cleaning your dirty markup.

Javascript Beautifier and Formatter Online

Enter your compressed, minified, or obfuscated javascript and get clean, well-formatted code.

Online JavaScript beautifier

Beautify, unpack or deobfuscate JavaScript and HTML, make JSON/JSONP readable, etc.

enlightened Theme

A not so minimal theme for the Chrome Developer Tools.Modifies Elements and Console view, other views are on the way.Forked from on Mac.Installation