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Headline for World editors unite behind #CHARLIEHEBDO
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World editors unite behind #CHARLIEHEBDO

This week’s terrorist attack in France must be matched by defending liberty. Moments like these call for visible unity. World Editors Forum President Erik Bjerager is calling on media organisations, journalists and citizens to show solidarity by adding their voices through a simple message to support our drive to increase safety for all journalists and to defend their right to publish. Send us a paragraph or two to worldeditors @, specifying authorship and we will share these messages here.


Marcelo Rech, Executive Director of Journalism, RBS Group, Brazil

The dead speak louder than ever. Besides hurting freedom of speech everywhere, the terrorists and their supporters should have in mind that all censorship or act of violence against who expresses opinion only increases the interest and curiosity about those and what they try to shut up. Until January 7, most of the planet had never heard of Charlie Hebdo and its cartoons. With instant and global information, after the attack the cartoons began to circulate in meteoric speed over the Internet, and revered all over the world as examples of the right to be free. That is, the terrorists dramatically increased the opinion of those who they tried [to] silence. The dead, freedom of opinion martyrs, speak louder than ever before.

Hafez Abuseada, Member of national council for human rights (NCHR), Pres of Egyptian organization for human rights

On behalf of Egyptian Organization for human rights we strongly support freedom of expression and condemn the terrorist attack [that] targeted French journalists and Charlie Hebdo newspaper.

David Callaway, Editor-in-Chief, USA Today, US

USA Today stands with our journalism colleagues in Paris, throughout Europe, and around the world against all forms of oppression of free speech, especially the violent killing of brave journalists doing their jobs. As we've seen this week, each attempt to censor only leads to greater public awareness of the importance of a free press.

Daisy Li, Online Director, Taiwan Apple Daily, Taiwan

Please send my condolences and wholehearted support to colleagues at Charlie Hebdo. THEY CAN'T KILL US ALL.

Cathy Trost, Senior Vice President Exhibits and Programs, Newsuem, US

Journalists around the world fight every day for the right to report the news without fear of reprisal. They express ideas others disagree with and pose questions some don’t want asked. Too often they pay the ultimate price. We join with journalists and all others who support freedom of expression to declare that such cowardly attempts to thwart free speech and a free press will not succeed, and that this most recent attack only strengthens our commitment to the ideal that all people in every nation should be able to express themselves freely and without fear.

Patrick Daniel, Editor-in-Chief of the English, Malay and Tamil Media Group, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore

We live in turbulent times. We are all still in shock over the wanton killings in Paris this week, at the Charlie Hebdo magazine. My Singapore colleagues and I stand in solidarity with them, and I'm sure all of you do too. If I may, I would like to ask all of you to please stand and observe a minute's silence as a mark of respect to those who lost their lives and to their families.

Le Quoc Minh, Editor-in-Chief, VietnamPlus, Vietnam News Agency, Vietnam

From Vietnam, all reporters and editors of VietnamPlus online news website want to affirm that we stand by you, Charlie Hebdo. Be stronger with your pens! Je suis Charlie.

Zoe Holohan, Magazine & Features Manager, Sunday World, Ireland

JE SUIS CHARLIE – I sit at my desk in rainy Dublin with the sign displayed beside me. Behind me the news channels continue to report on the atrocities that continue in Paris, and in my head I keep repeating those 3 words. A mantra for freedom of speech; 3 simple words that resonate with all of us in the world of media. I am Charlie, I am Free, I have the right to speak, to write and to hope for a world free from propaganda and indoctrination.

Today in Ireland we grieve for those journalists and police lost in Paris this week and indeed for all those reporters murdered across our planet in the name of free speech.

JE SUIS CHARLIE … nous ne vous oublierons pas!

Erik Nylén, Secretary General, European Alliance of News Agencies, Sweden

The Board of the European Alliance of News Agencies joins the international media community expressing solidarity with magazine Charlie Hebdo and its staff after the deadly attack at the magazine’s Paris office.
An attack on a publication and its journalists because of disagreements with its editorial content is a worldwide attack on freedom of expression.
The murders in Paris is unfortunately another example of how journalists are under threat because of their participation in an open discussion about issues of importance to a democratic society. The freedom of expression - regardless of which opinion is expressed - must be defended by all forces in a democracy.

Dr.Thein Myint, Managing Director, Eleven Media Group, Myanmar

This is one of the most miserable events for the journalists around
the world and an unforgettable attack for the media organizations in
France. This is also really sorrowful story. As a media colleagues, we
feel very sad for that indeed and we would like to show our respect to
all the victims concerning with the issue and we wish to say that we
are always with you as we, journalists, are those who are one the way
of the truth.

We stand in Solidarity with CHARLIE HEBDO

Francis Mdlongwa, MBA (Global Management) (Durham), South Africa

I join media colleagues around the world in condemning this unprecedented and vile attack on media freedom and democracy. Journalists across the globe must refuse to be intimidated by these cowards. While we mourn the death of our Paris colleagues, we must remain firm and steadfast and continue to tell the key stories of our time without fear or favour. We must defend media freedom by all means possible in a democracy because, without it, democracy itself dies and the world is plunged into chaos and anarchy which these criminals seek to impose on us all in this brave twenty-first century. No one wants to live in such a society. Let’s show these criminals through acts of defiance, through our solid professionalism and through our refusal to be silenced that their dastardly act cannot and will not win or silence the truth.

John Prim, President, PrimHall, US

PrimHall stands with you in standing for the freedom of expression, and also in denying those who feel otherwise the right to attempt to deny it by creating fear and by murdering those who express themselves in ways they object to.

Tony Carlin, Editor, Evening Times, Scotland

Our thoughts are with all the victims of Charlie Hebdo and its aftermath. Freedom of expression and speech are vital for all of us and, even when we disagree with the opinions expressed, we must fight to preserve the right to have that opinion without fear or violence or recrimination.

Julia Kistner, Senior Editor, GEWINN, Austria

That is a very sad moment in life - each murder, each violence against humanity and freedom (of press) strikes right into the centre of the heart. The sympathies of the Editorial team of Austrian economic Magazine GEWINN are extended to the victims, families, friends and colleagues of Charlie Hebdo.

Commemorating and mourning all victims of cruelty.

Mia Rubianti, Corporate Engagement Manager, The Jakarta Post Foundation, Indonesia

There are no words strong enough to condemn the attack. The shootings are contrary to human and Islamic values. It is not only freedom of expression under attack, but democracy as a whole. My deepest condolences go to the families of the victims.

Michael Garthe, Chief Editor, The Rheinpfalz, Germany

Die deutsche Tageszeitung Die RHEINPFALZ mit einer Auflage von 220 000 Exemplaren folgt Ihrem Aufrufund senden folgende Solidaritätsadresse an Charlie Hebdo:

"Wo Satire stirbt, bleibt nur Gehorsam.“

Norwegian Press Association, Norway
We represent Norwegian journalists, editors and publishers, and we wish to give our condolences to the French people, to honour the victims and to confirm that we will carry Charlie Hebdo's message of freedom of expression with us in the future.
Last week, our Norwegian colleagues have marked our protest of the attack and our support for freedom of expression through gatherings in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Hamar.
We wish to give this as a memory and promise from Norwegian media to never forget and always work for editorial freedom and never give up to fear or threats.
Kjersti Løken Stavrum, Secretary General of the Norwegian Press Association
Randi Øgrey, CEO of the Norwegian Media Business Association
Gunnar Kvassheim, Editor-in-Chief of Dalane Tidende and Chairman of the Norwegian Press Association
Arne Jensen, Secretary General of the Association of Norwegian Editors
Jahn-Arne Olsen, General Secretary of the Norwegian Union of Journalists
Harald Stanghelle, Editor in Aftenposten and President of the Association of Norwegian Editors
Sezai Nuhoğlu, Editör, Matbaa Haber, Turkey
I share and support that the right to think, write and speak freely is democracy's deepest foundation. It must be defended without reservation.

“Je Suis Charlie”

Basın özgürlüğü, özgürce düşünme ve düşüncelerini ifade etme hakkı, tüm insanlar için temel, vazgeçilmez ve koşullara bağlanamaz; sonuna kadar savunulmalıdır.

Charlie Hebdo katliamının sorumlularını şiddetle kınıyor ve lanetliyorum.
Patrick Maines, President, The Media Institute, US
We are shocked and outraged by this mass murder, and we join with media organizations around the world in condemning this politically motivated attack. Once again journalists have given their lives for the cause of free speech and free press. Our sympathy goes out to the families of these victims. As threats, acts of intimidation, and outright violence against the press continue to increase, we trust that journalists, backed by their news organizations, will stand strong as the torchbearers of freedom around the globe.
Tamrat G. Giorgis, Managing Editor, AddisFortune, Ethiopia

Yes, I mourn the tragic death of our colleagues in Paris. On behalf of myself and my colleagues at Addis Fortune, our condolences to the families of the brave men and women who have lost their lives for only expressing their views.

Nataša Gajski Kovačić, Executive Editor, Zaštita, Croatia

On behalf of editorial board of Croatian journals Svijet osiguranja and Zaštita we would like to express our sincere condolences to our colleagues in Charlie Hebdo newspaper and condemn any attack on freedom of the press and expression.

Buks Viljoen, Senior Joernalis/Senior Journalist, Media24 Afrikaanse nuus, South Africa

I totally agree that journalists and journalism should be protected by all mean possible.

As a South African journalist I support this mission.

Michelle Holmes, Vice President of Content, Alabama Media Group, US
From our countries' revolutions to 18th-Century Voltaire and our First Amendment through to the 1960s and Times v. Sullivan, France and America have shared the shaping of the modern concept of free speech.
And flawed though both countries were and are in this, together we remain at the forefront of the struggle to fight ideas with ideas, speech with speech, thoughts with thoughts, not with suppression by the state, or by violent acts.
From Alabama, where Times v. Sullivan was born out of our state's struggles with freedom and respect for universal rights, and where that continues today, we salute Charlie Hebdo. From Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, Montgomery, we of the Alabama Media Group stand united with our French colleagues and journalists across the world who stand for freedom over tyranny.
Nguyen Tuan Viet, Head of R&D and Assistant Director, Tre Publishing House, Vietnam
I feel a lot of emotions seeing the demonstration in France and the leaders hands-in-hands, regardless of their safety in the middle of such a big mob. I think it is a very strong message sending not only to muslim extremists, but also to people like Putin, Xi Jinping and the like. Suddenly, i believe that we can avoid war world 3 with our solidarity, that human conscience will prevail and we still have hope in future.
No evil force can win if every of us is Charlie!