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How to Care for your Tape-In Hair Extensions

Proper care will make your extensions last longer and look better. By washing, conditioning, styling and gentle handling, your extensions will last the six to eight weeks that they should.

Keratin Treatment, Tape In and Russian Hair Extensions

Offering a refreshing, revolutionary, scientific approach to hair solutions for this century is the mission statement for Perfect Hair. Harnessing the best technology worldwide, Perfect Hair has developed the most sophisticated techniques and products that respond to the market demands and that create real hair solutions.

I Tried It: Tape-In Hair Extensions
Photo: ELLE Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to be a gangster have a thick head of voluminous, cascading hair, like the celebrities I watched on TV and the models I saw in magazines. Sure, I realized that they probably had some professional intervention to help make their hair look that great.
Clip In Hair Extensions

For the most natural look, we used one hundred percent human hair in a shade slightly lighter than our natural color to mimic highlights. The extensions come in a range of colors and can be washed, heat styled, and cut for a tailored look. Elizabeth Griffin

How to Wash Clip in Hair Extensions

How to Wash Clip in Hair Extensions. Washing hair extensions can be tricky but follow these steps to do it right. Get the extensions and back comb all the hair before washing. If you don't they will get more tangled.

How to Wash Hair Extensions
Hair extensions don't require a high level of maintenance, but a good cleaning routine will keep them looking great longer. Your stylist will give you the instructions for your particular extensions, but for general cleaning, this method is safe for most real hair extensions.
How to Care for a Sewn-in Hair Extension | LIVESTRONG.COM
Sewn-in extensions are typically made from human hair, which means that they are good quality but very delicate. To attach extensions, a stylist braids hair along the scalp, then sews tracks of hair into the braids. Proper care will make your extensions last longer and look better.
18 Tips on How to Care for Your Hair Extensions ...
How to care for hair extensions is and really should be one of the most important steps in your decision to get them. Sounds a bit odd, I know, but think of it this way - would you be happy with extensions that look good only about a month or so?
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A keratin hair treatment can be either a salon treatment or an at-home procedure that uses proteins to smooth the hair cuticle and create straighter, shinier hair. The protein keratin is naturally fou