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Updated by Hans A van Putten on Dec 19, 2016
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6 Things to Think About When it is Freezing Cold Outside!

A few things to do or keep in mind when it is freezing outside. What is your experience?


Fun and cool things to do when it's freezing outside

A few things you can do outside when it's really cold. Nothing too involved and these things shouldn't need you to be out for too long so you won't get frozen yourself in the process. A Finnish tradition. You fill a bucket of water and leave it outside to freeze.

How to Start a Car in Freezing Cold Winter Weather

Freezing cold weather can take a toll on car batteries. That's why it's important to be prepared for the winter season and the car trouble that might ensue. Read after the jump to learn what to do when your car won't start and what you can...

Cold-weather tips for homes, vehicles, pets

The predicted low in Asheville is 7 degrees Wednesday night, with a wind chill of minus-7. With temperatures in the single digits predicted for Wednesday night and Thursday morning and wind chills below 0 in Asheville, area residents should consider these tips as the cold is expected to linger into the weekend.

Take precautions with extreme cold weather

Extremely cold temperatures are finally hitting the area, and local plumbers are preparing for high-volume service calls and long hours. The nation braces for a couple shots of Arctic cold this week, and temperatures will reach a low of five degrees on Wednesday with 18 mph winds, according to The Weather Channel.

7 Crazy Things That Happen Only When It's Really Cold

When temperatures dip below about 9 to 12 F (about minus 11 C), and you can make the bubbles freeze. (A soapy bubble beginning to freeze in this YouTube screengrab.)Credit: YouTube screengrab The cold is so delightful, well, it can be.

Stay inside, under a blanket with your favorite person and a glass of wine

When it is as cold as it is here and now in Massachusetts -25F = -32C (Crazy!!), maybe the only sensible thing to do is stay in bed or lie in from of an open fire, under a thick blanket, with your favorite person and a glass of wine or hot brandy! What would your choice be?

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