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Updated by Jackson Middleton on Mar 23, 2020
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6 Marketing Blog Posts from 2013

I was recently going through some of the marketing content I wrote in 2013 when I originally wanted to launch Now that 2015 is here, and KiltedMedia is launched, I am proud of what I was writing about a couple years ago.

Why Social Media Is [Isn't] Like Karate - KiltedMedia

In 1998, a year out of high school, I went to live with my Uncle Ted and Aunt Pam for a summer. Looking back, this experience taught me a lot about life, even if I am only learning the lessons now. My Uncle has a Masters Degree of Martial Science from the University of Hawaii,...

Further to: Why Social Media is like Karate - KiltedMedia

In my inaugural post to the KiltedMedia Blog I told the story of being an overweight teenager who gave up on Karate because I wasn't Ralph Macchio after only two weeks of [rigorous] dedication. Here is the followup post to that!

Why Linking Facebook to Twitter is Generally a Bad Idea - KiltedMedia

Some social media platforms can be linked effectively without alienating your audience, however linking Facebook to Twitter or Twitter to Facebook is a REALLY BAD idea.

Someone Else's Biggest Fan - KiltedMedia

Jayme Soulati from takes every Friday to feature a new blogger or contributor in something she calls "The Happy Friday Series". The whole goal is to offer her platform to another in an attempt to broaden their social reach. What a great idea! A story from personal experience...

Beware: Endorsing Skills & Expertise - KiltedMedia

If you have a LinkedIn account, chances are you have been endorsed for skills and expertise in a certain discipline. If you have no idea what that means, maybe you should find another post on this list that might make more sense!

On Assumptions, Value, Consumption & Format - KiltedMedia

An introduction to providing value through content marketing. This is the favourite blog post I wrote in 2013. Enjoy!

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