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Home Buyer Resources

The Highland Group with Turning Point Real Estate, in Frederick Md has put together several informational articles to answer home buyer's questions about the real estate process. included are several articles by some of the best real estate bloggers in social media.
Home Buying Tax Deductions | Real Estate Tax Reductions
One of the major differences between owning a home and renting one is the allowable home buying tax deductions. The tax deductions can have a serious impact on the overall cost of comparing renting vs buying. One of the advantages of owning a home is the tax savings benefits.
Top Moving Tips On How To Move Smoothly
Whether you're moving across country or simply to the next town over, moving can be an extraordinarily difficult process. The worst thing you can do is procrastinate about the move or rush it, but sometimes you just don't have a choice.
The Home Buying Process [video]

This video explains the "typical" home buying process. Your Agent A successful purchase starts with the right representative. In fact, once you've selected the best agent to represent you, it is likely that he or she can recommend other professionals to join your team, taking more of the responsibility off of your shoulders.

The Home Buying Roadmap

The typical journey of buying a home consists of several main processes. We like to say, "buying a home is not an event, it's a process." Although usually the home search is the fun part in many people's minds, there several are steps that take place before and after the home tours.

Mobile Apps for Home Buyers

Technology keeps making our lives easier (as long as it's working:) and never more true than in the search for a new home. Mobile apps are appearing on the market every day that help buyers find what they want and need in their search.

How Much House Can I Afford to Buy?

One of the first questions that a home buyer asks is, "How much house can I afford to buy?" It's best if this important question is answered from the very beginning of the home buying process. That's why we refer a home buyer to one of our preferred lenders before we even take them out to look at homes.

Dear Buyer: How NOT to Make An Offer on A Home - Frederick Real Estate Online

Step 1: Submit a lowball offer. After your Buyer's Agent has advised you, "All the comparables indicate that this is a great price." After the seller has reduced the price by $30,000.

Is Condominium Living Right for You? - Frederick Real Estate Online

Condominium living is a lifestyle choice that has many perks. The turn-key lifestyle appeals to many people at various stages of life from the first-time single buyer to the retiring boomer couple looking for no maintenance to invade their well-earned freedom. Condo life, however is not for everyone.

Six Considerations before you buy your first home

Buying a home is probably one of the biggest purchases most people ever make. It is certainly an important part of a life-long financial plan. If you're thinking about becoming a homeowner, there are at least six things to consider before you buy your first home: Is your credit healthy?

Buyers - Think of Resale When You Are Home Shopping

Most home buyers make a choice on a home purchase with a combination of emotion and reason. The best approach is to get your financial situation figured out, and only see homes in the price range you can afford. Inevitably, as you search, you will find a home that touches your sensitivities...

Credit Scores Archives - Frederick Real Estate Online

Declined. It happens. It's kind of a negative topic, but it is something that home buyers may deal with sometimes, especially in these days of tighter lending standards. The good news is that it isn't a final sentence. It's just a temporary situation that can be fixed.

Negotiating Tips Home Buyers

Finding a Buyer's Agent who is skilled in negotiating is a great start to buying a home. Negotiating in real estate is not like negotiating in the street market, or across the desk from a car salesman...thank goodness! In real estate, there are many moving parts.

The Importance of A Home Inspection

Buying a Frederick Md home is usually the largest financial investment the average person makes. As with any purchase, no matter how large or small, it is important to know what you are buying before you buy it. Let me point out the importance of a home inspection.

Tips for Making A Mortgage Application - Frederick Real Estate Online

Many first time buyers may not be aware of the mortgage application process. There is some preparation involved, usually starting weeks or even months before a buyer decides to purchase a home. Here are 5 helpful tips for making a mortgage application that will end in success: 1.

Documentation for Your Mortgage Lender

Before you make a loan application, you'll need to gather up some documentation for your lender. Each lender has their list of needed items, but most include these basic things: Your landlord's ( for the last 2 years) contact information. W-2's for each one on the mortgage.

The Cost of A Home Vs. The Price of A Home - Frederick Real Estate Online

Sellers are mostly concerned with the price of their home. They naturally want to get as much as the market will bear for their home/nest/investment. Buyers should consider the cost of buying the home. The cost involves much more than just the price.

Ensure a Successful real estate settlement

Ensuring a successful real estate closing, the topic of this video chat with Dave Gormley, real estate attorney with Andrews Bongar Gormley & Clagett, Law offices in Southern Maryland. Dave shares tips applicable to all types of real estate transactions, tips for buyers, sellers, commercial real estate and short sales.

Real Estate Settlement Procedures in Maryland

What takes place during the settlement or closing? Here are some definitions that will help explain the process. Closing or Settlement - The house is sold when the buyer and seller have reached a "meeting of the minds" and the contract has been ratified, or all signatures are final.

Coral Springs Real Estate/South Florida Real Estate
By Lolly Spindler of It's important to know everything you can about a house before you buy, but what if you have an untrained eye? Although you will need to hire a professional before moving forward with a purchase, there are some things you can check out yourself home inspector before determining if you want to seriously consider buying a home.
Coral Springs Real Estate/South Florida Real Estate
This article is second in a series on the 20 Cold Hard Facts in Real Estate . As you may recall, my first article covered the Home Buying cold, hard facts in Home Selling and today's article covers .
Mortgage Pre-approval vs Pre-qualification Letter
There has been some confusion among those looking to buy a home and qualify for a mortgage loan regarding the difference between a mortgage pre-approval vs a pre-qualification letter. Indeed, they sound pretty similar, so hearing these terms before or during the hectic time while considering buying a can only add to add to the confusion for novice buyers.
How to Avoid Sticker Shock at the Closing Table When Buying a House
Posted by Andrew Fortune on Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 at 8:42am. Recently, I sold a home for some great clients in Fountain, CO and experienced an awkward moment at the closing table. The buyer of the home had not received the HUD statement from his agent, and therefore had not had a chance to review the HUD before closing.
Single Woman's Guide to Buying a New Home
Single in 21st century is not a stigma; it's a sign of independence. Women nowadays are their own bosses. They take leading positions and are in control of their own lives. So, why why not apply the same strength and wisdom when it's time to buy a home?
Conventional Versus FHA: Which Should You Choose?
Don't jump to the conclusion that the better choice is the mortgage with the lower interest rate. FHAs carry a lower interest rate but largely because of their | See more about jack o'connell, you and html.
The Right Brain and the Left Brain and Home Buying

The American Dream for the majority of people still includes home ownership, even after a decade of housing woes. The intrinsic reasons for wanting to own a home are very strong, wanting to decorate and have a yard for the kids. There are also strong financial and practical reasons...this posts explores how both sides of the brain can play their proper part in the home buying process...and buyers can have the best success.