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Updated by Fusion 360 on Jan 07, 2015
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The Five Most Effective Uses of Internet Advertising

Advertising on the Internet has become one of the most prevalent ways of advertising agency wide. This medium allows companies to get to their desired audience with speed and efficiency. Here is a look at some of the most useful ways to use Internet advertising.




E-mail is one form on Internet advertising that almost every agency uses. People are always checking their e-mail. They wait for e-mails from bosses and professors, or an e-mailed receipt from their recent shopping spree and even coupons. The email is a great way to send out newsletters or coupons for a brand from Utah clients to national clients.


Facebook shows a variety of people a variety of websites. It allots friends to connect and see what each other are “liking” and buying. Mob mentality is a great principle to access in advertising online: People can connect with their family in Utah and even outside the country.


College students live for YouTube videos, but they are not the only ones. From tutorials to funny videos, YouTube is accessed all day long. Playing an advertisement at the start of a video will force the viewer to see it. An advertising agency can insert a popup website box to further traffic.




Pop up ads, or stalker ads, show up when a person has visited a website for something. Say a girl searches Nordstrom for a pair of shoes and then later changes websites. Nordstrom will show up on her side screen with similar shoes. She is more likely to click on those again than a new type of shoe.


Twitter is a great way to get brand advertising in every agency. This social media allows for instantaneous updates and gives the user the chance to follow a brand. They will then see all the brand’s news and be more apt to buy that company’s product since it is fresh in their minds. Adding local Utah news to a certain feed will earn kudos.




Ciera Putnam writes for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google+

  • Modern marketing is pure chaos. Consumers are revolting against stagnate companies and abandoning traditional media in droves. Only those who adapt will succeed. The revolution is in full-swing.
    Consumers are dictating how they want to do business and it’s not the way you’ve probably done business before. It might not even be the way you want to do business in the future. But, digging in your heels and refusing to adapt and change will make your brand irrelevant to the new digital consumer. You may survive, but only for a while.
    Today’s businesses and organizations are at a tipping point. Will you adapt to change and succeed?
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