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Business Process Outsourcing

Hi-Tech BPO Services delivers data entry, transcription, data processing, web research, document scanning indexing services.
Data Extraction - Helping Businesses See the Bigger Picture

Today the rate at which data is generated has seen a manifold escalation. This data is generated both internally and externally. Now, planning an effective marketing strategy that succeeds totally depends on what data you extract and use to derive insights. Getting targeted information that helps you take informed decisions about your business is what matters.

Swimming in a lake of Data Processing Challenges: Does the Hadoop data lake make sense?

Data Processing & Analysis has come a long way since inception. If it has streamlined business operations – it also has some challenges that warrant immediate attention. If it has enhanced efficiencies – it also has some aspects which need to be attended on day to day basis. If it has offered enterprises with better customer engagement – it also is the epicenter to some of those complications; which may wash away all the benefits and bright side of data processing.

What is High Performance in BPO?

Business process outsourcing popularly known as BPO has been around since three decades; and now we are seeing the bar being raised in terms of what companies are excepting from their BPO providers . Earlier companies were expecting greater efficiency, streamlined operations and lower costs from a BPO.

General Transcription Services for Analysis

Transcription services basically aim at reducing the work load but still keep high level of efficiency and accuracy in the work. General transcription services are being used by a variety of institutions, industries, companies and firms all across the world.

Can Outsourcing Help Your Business Flourish?

With the help of global supply chain, it is possible to utilize internet telephones, Google hangouts and electronic mails to enable manufacturing products across the world, in any corner, without ever having to be physically present there. It is perfectly practical to outsource marketing, branding and design across the globe.

Lead an Effectual Digital Marketing Campaign with Creative Graphic Design
Graphic design is to create visuals, those that appeal to the targeted audience and convey your message right out to them. Graphics have the power to convey more than what a thousand words can, and have the power to reach to the masses in many ways.
3 Amazing Benefits When You Outsource Data Processing…!!!

Successful business is all about amalgamation of numerous processes. These operations are closely inter-linked and a single mistake can raise the flag at the right moment. The only thing that helps in maintaining a healthy operational structure of the company is well-maintained and researched database. In this information-obsessed world, it forms the backbone of any operation. Therefore; a lot of organizations gradually have realized the need to have a well-kept database.

All you want to know about Transcription Services is here! | Hi-Tech BPO Services Blog | BPO News

With the advent of globalization and utmost advancements in technology, transcription services are becoming more and more popular and demanding day by day. In this article we have discussed what transcription is and why it is heterogeneous?

Outsource Medical Billing Services to India?

In Medical Billing, the practice of outsourcing is common for every hospitals, clinics, physicians. The reason of outsource medical billing is - save time, resources, reduce rejected claims, top level security, improving business, helps to negotiate with insurance carriers and many more.

How to Pick Best Outsource Image Processing Services?

Image processing is one of the best technologies to develop and design special images by following image processing algorithms. In the current era, most of the image processing companies provide image processing services to make proper use of images for attractive display and enhanced presentation.

How Book Typesetting Services Help In Typeset Your Book?

Look and feel, accuracy, book's cover and proper typesetting plays crucial role in attracting potential buyers, readers for an author and writer. Experienced typesetters having years of experience in media and publishing can delivers much needed inside your book " reading experience " according to professional standard.

What is Medical Transcription and why it is needed?

Medical transcription is a process in which a trained professional transcriptionist listens to a recording or live audio by a physician and converts the audio into written files. Being a medical transcriptionist requires added qualifications. Besides being proficient in transcribing audio files, a medical transcription professional also needs to understand medical terminology, abbreviations and jargon.

6 Book Cover Design Mistakes; You Should Absolutely Avoid

Don't judge a book by its cover! Though a book cannot be adjudged good or bad by its cover, a good book cover design definitely ups it's desirability quotient, and hence the sales. Go to any book shop and you can see readers randomly surfing through the racks, they pick up a book because its cover and the title attracts them.

Delivering Brand Value via Package Design

Attractive package design makes people buy your stuff. Packaging is an important part of the branding process as it plays a role in communicating the image and identity of a company.

eBook Conversion Services Set To Change Face Of Publication Industry

Today, the need and popularity of digital publishing has grown manifolds. One of the primary reasons of this skyrocketing popularity is that - eBooks, plenty of them can be stored in a small little device and enjoyed everywhere and anywhere - even while on the go!!

4 Amazing Multi-Tasking Benefits When You Hire a Virtual Assistant...!!!!!

Concept of virtual assistant is a big time hit! Thanks to the increasing competitiveness, business world is getting more and more volatile; making it important that entrepreneurs are constantly on their toes! This has obviously led to severe time-constraints; resulting in neglecting some so-called-trivial administrative tasks (By the way, these tasks are equally important).

Raw Image Conversion and Processing Into JPEG

Do you click photographs in RAW format, and want to edit these files effectively. Digital darkroom professionals can help you process your RAW files and edit them as required. However as a photographer it is very important to have that idea of how Photo processing capabilities can be used to enhance your RAW image, hence judge whether the picture you clicked has failed or has the potential of being processed into a breathtaking image.

EBook Conversion - Readers More Inclined Towards Kindle than Traditional...

Conversion of a hard bound or paperback into an electronic book or eBook has gained tremendous popularity with growing digitalization followed by introduction of Kindles. Since, advent of sophisticated technologies like PCs, smartphones, tablets and other eBook readers such as Kindle; there is a steep upsurge in readership of eBooks; demand for professional eBook conversion services is witnessing an incredible thrust.

Data Extraction is not a Rocket Science: Follow These 4 Tips to Get Exemplary

Data extraction is a skill, the more you master it - more are the chances of having a lucid picture of the volatile market and getting better perceptive of constantly changing trends. Escalating volatility in the market and intensifying competition has been the most contributing factors that have led to the rise of data extraction and data mining.

Data Extraction Services will Change the Face of Travel Industry...!!!

Travel industry has come a long way! - With time and technological progress; travel sector has also done a new-age hat and has gone online. In fact, if you just type a random place; you will along with other search results, get links of numerous site providing hotel and ticket bookings.

PDF to eBook Data Conversion to Deliver Your Content Fast and Convenient

Publication industry is going through one of the most evolutionary phasesexpanding in all directions. In fact, with the number of self-publishing cases,writers/authors now want a format that can get them maximum audience.Increasing number of people are reading eBooks, and this is due to theconvenience and affordability it offers.

Transcription Services for Academicians - A Breath of Fresh Air for Students and Educators

General transcription services have now expanded – It has become a multi-disciplinary industry, with a lot of diversified and numerous offshoots. Among these many offshoots; academic transcription is gaining tremendous pace – Over a period of time, it has proved to be exceptionally beneficial particularly for academicians and students, alike.

Image Editing and Retouching Using Photoshop..!!!

For the past 25 years; Photoshop has been ruling like an unchallenged and unbeaten king! In all these years, several image editing tools came but for a very little stint and then they just disappeared from the arena; but no one could dethrone Adobe Photoshop and even in the coming years, Photoshop will still be holding a special place across image editing and retouching service providers!

4 Tips for Quality Jury Instruction Transcription

Transcribing legal recordings is quite a demanding job; it leaves no scape for any single error. Such low quality transcription is enough to make or break a lawyer's reputation. And that's precisely why, lawyers worldwide stress a lot over quality legal transcriptions! Maintaining quality becomes all the more crucial while transcribing jury instructions.

Utility Bills Invoices Data Processing Solutions -

Paradigm shift is the key to profitability for retail energy business; & is managed by securing sufficient wholesale supply at competitive pricing to ensure reasonable profit. These enterprises need to have a clear demarcation of things, which are must haves & must dos, while serving their customers.