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Six Ways to Make a Recruiter Hate You

If you want a job, you wouldn't intentionally try to make recruiters hate you. But you'd be surprised at how often an eager job seeker will make an enemy out of the very people they need to impress. Some blunders are merely irritating, while others can make recruiters do a slow burn when they hear your name.

Eight Tips for Better Email Cover Letters

By Larry Buhl As the saying goes, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. If you're doing a job search or resume submission via email, the first impression any employer will have is from your cover letter.

The Three Times Marissa Mayer Refused To Fire Thousands Of Yahoos

When Marissa Mayer became the CEO of Yahoo in 2012, famed Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreessen told her the best way to fix the company would be to fire thousands of employees right away and all at once. Mayer never took his advice.

Try this framework to get more done every day - Tony Sheng - dying side projects

I'd offer myself this excuse every time I fell short of a goal or let a side-project die from neglect. Every time I said it, I liked myself a little bit less. But what choice did I have? I needed an excuse and this one beat I'm not capable.

Start-ups versus Big Companies

And how they compare in what's awesome versus sucky

An OS for ecosystems (I): The Problem

GUI-based operating systems for personal computers arose in the 1980s from Xerox, Microsoft, and Apple. The metaphors of user interfaces - the desktop, windows, folders, programs, drop-down menus - originated in a vastly different technological environment, where users were often trained, focused solely on the task at hand, and using standard-form hardware with a fraction of the power we have today.

3 Reasons Why Your Diet Is Killing Your Career

If you, like me, have been...shall we say "married to the cookies" this holiday season, then I've got a few thoughts that might help :).

The Best Way To Tell An Employee "Good Job"

Telling your employees "good job" can make you rich. Just ask Quintiles. Quintiles, a Fortune 500 company and the world's largest provider of biopharmaceutical services, recently reduced turnover by 50 percent, which saved the company millions of dollars. How? They did a better job of telling their employees "good job."

How to tell a story people will remember ... To Be Successful, You Must be Memorable

This is the first time I've written about what happened in the steep cliffs near the top of Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, 20 years ago this month. This was the first time a CEO - or a client - had ever invited me to join him on an athletic endeavor.

Snapchat: Then, Now and the Future

Any tech savvy individual can tell you exactly what Snapchat is. However, for those that do not know, it is quickly becoming one of the most used social media apps. In fact, it was even once given a huge valuation of $10 billion dollars. The reason for this success?

Marissa Mayer's Totally Unorthodox First Move At Yahoo

My book, "Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!," came this week. Finally. When I was talking to sources for the book over the past couple years, one thing that became super clear was that when Mayer became the CEO of Yahoo in July 2012, her approach to the job was different from all of her predecessors.

The Purple Cow Job Description - Should I Apply?

I guarantee you have read a purple cow job description. It's one of those that, when you finished reading it, you said to yourself: I am not qualified for this job anyone? They are looking for the purple cow. The ideal candidate does not exist!