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Top Real Estate Stories From Storify

Storify is an awesome website to share content in a very user friendly fashion. Storify, like Listly, is a great place to be able to share content by simple adding a URL, dragging, and dropping! Here are the best real estate stories from Storify.


Can Selling A Home Be Easy? Yes It Can!

Selling a home can be as easy as 1..2..3... - You're asking how?!? By being prepared and have the knowledge it takes to make the right decisions at the right times. One of the best ways to make sure this happens is by reading quality real estate articles geared towards home selling.

Are You Selling A Home? You Must Know These Things Before You Sell!

Selling a home can be a stressful time if the proper preparation is not taken, previous to selling. Check out these 10 things that if you're selling a home, you must know beforehand!

Best Real Estate Blogs For 2015 (with tweet) · massrealty

These real estate bloggers are all poised to continue with their awesome content into the coming year. Most of these blogs are updated on a weekly basis. The content is not only helpful to consumers but other Realtors as well. See the list of blogs in the Twitter tweet.

Exceptional Real Estate Articles

A compilation of some of the best real estate articles seen on popular real estate blogs. These articles cover a wide variety of topics that help buyers and sellers make better decisions. Each of these articles is designed to make your home buying and selling experience a good one!

The Best Real Estate SlideShare Presentations

SlideShare is an easy to create and easy to follow presentation of content. This includes real estate content. There are some pretty awesome real estate articles that get turned into SlideShare presentations. Here are some of the best!

Can't Miss First Time Home Buyer Tips (with tweet) · KyleHiscockRE

Buying a home for the first time can be stressful and confusing. It doesn't have to be with the proper preparation! Here is a compilation of the top real estate articles for first time home buyers.

Best Real Estate Articles From 2014

Here is a compilation of some of the best real estate articles of 2014. These are hand picked posts that are absolutely exceptional. It is clear that the writers are these articles take pride in their work. Everything they do is detailed. Nothing is slapped together with these exceptional articles.

How Realtors Should Be Utilizing Social Media (with image, tweet) · KyleHiscockRE
There are tons of social media webpages out there that are under utilized. This is not only by real estate agents but by others too. If you're in real estate, what sites should be using? Check out this detailed guide to several social media websites where you can find me and why they can be a great benefit!
How Realtors Can Curate Their Epic Real Estate Content
Are you creating epic real estate content? If so, you must read on. If not, you're missing out! My real estate blog is the "hub" of my business. On my blog I create epic real estate content to share with buyers, sellers, and others with interest in the industry.
Popular Home Buying FAQ's Answered (with image) · KyleHiscockRE
If you have addition questions that were not addressed or answered in any of these resources, contact your local real estate professional. A top Realtor should be able to answer your questions and provide additional resources to help make the home buying process seem relatively easy!
Top Resources & Articles For Choosing A Realtor (with image, tweet) · KyleHiscockRE
There are common mistakes that home seller's make time after time when choosing a Realtor. Being educated on the top mistakes that seller's make can help greatly reduce the chance you make the same mistakes! Check out this article that provides the top 10 mistakes seller's make when choosing a Realtor!
Relocation & Moving Made Easy - Top Tips For Reducing The Stress Of The Process! (with image, tweet) · KyleHiscockRE
Generally speaking, most people do not enjoy relocating or moving. Whether it's across town or across the country, the stress that it can create can be significant. If properly prepared, the stress can be reduced greatly. Check out some great tips for making relocating and moving easier.
Top Notch Greater Rochester New York Real Estate Communities (with image) · KyleHiscockRE
The Town of Irondequoit, NY is a very active real estate community in Rochester, NY. Irondequoit is one of the biggest suburbs of the Greater Rochester, NY area. The real estate market is quick moving and many homes are bought and sold, year after year.
Should You Have A Home Inspection When Buying A Home? (with image) · KyleHiscockRE

The simple answer is YES! Whether or not you decide to have a home inspection when buying a home is just one of the many decisions you will need to make. There are way more reasons to have a home inspection than to not have a home inspection.

Real Estate Industry Professionals to Follow on Pinterest (with tweet) · KyleHiscockRE

Pinterest can be an incredible tool for real estate industry professionals. It can be an awesome source of traffic for bloggers, a great way to showcase your community, and also a great way to share home decor tips. A great way to understand the power of Pinterest is to know who to follow and which boards are worth following.

Top Pinterest Boards For Real Estate (with tweet) · massrealty

Below you will see a link to the compilation of some of the best Pinterest boards for real estate over at Listly. Listly is a great social media content sharing platform that allows you to compile lists of top articles.

List of Top Real Estate Article Lists Found at Listly

Have you seen Listly? Listly is a content curation tool that allows you to create lists of anything you want. Lists are a great way to add some pizazz to your blog posts or just to share great information. If you have never used make sure you check it out our top real estate article lists.

Real Estate Advice for Selling Your Home

Great advice for home sellers from the best of the best on social media

The Best of the Best Advice for First Time Home Buyers

All the best advice from some of the best real estate professionals on social media! Curated just for First-Time Buyers, with your interests in mind.

Home Improvement Advice From Top Real Estate Agents (with tweet) · KyleHiscockRE
It's always recommended that if you're unsure about a home improvement projects effect on home value, reach out to a local real estate professional for their advice. A top local Realtor should be able to give you a strong idea on what you should expect from the prospective project!
How Realtors Can Crush it With Social Media (with image, tweet) · massrealty
Below is a compilation of articles found at that offers up a ton of advice on how a real estate agent can be more successful using social media. There are general tips and pointers along with advice for some of the more popular platforms including Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.
The Guide to Open Houses (with image) · massrealty
Most consumers are not aware of the fact that open houses in real estate offer more of a benefit to a Realtor than they do a homeowner. The reason is simple - any buyer interested in viewing a home will schedule an appointment to see it.
The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Condo (with image) · massrealty
If you are considering purchasing a condo you are going to want to be well armed with all the considerations to be thinking about before making an offer. Buying a condo is far different than buying a single family home. For this reason I have put together some of the best condo buying tips.
Twitter For Real Estate (with image) · massrealty
Are you a real estate agent who has tried Twitter but can't seem to master this social media platform? Well you are in luck because you are about to see some of the best articles ever put together on how to master Twitter as a real estate agent.
Remodel or Sell My Home What's Best (with image) · massrealty
There is no doubt that many homeowners will consider if they should remodel their existing home or sell it and move to a different place. The choice can often times be a hard one. Here we explain some of the most important considerations for choosing based on your current circumstances.