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Top 12 Movies Of 2014

2014 witnessed some of the most amazing movies/sequels etc. Here is a list of such amazing must-watch movies of 2014.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

This film is far more sophisticated and has a better story than any X-Men movie to date. Here, the characters previously introduced but under used are utilized in a comprehensive and cohesive manner, and the newly introduced characters are blended in seamlessly with the story. The music is very good as is the special effects. The budget clearly hit the screen fully and there are truly some amazing sequences to behold. The cast-selection is still perfect - Sal Bando

Guardians of the Galaxy

The actors are incredible, matching the character developments, the dialogue and action sequences are spectacular and the visual effects should surely earn a nod come Oscar time, as I'd personally put them on par with those seen in the recent Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The run length compliments the well-scripted pacing of the movie itself, whilst plenty of interesting secondary characters litter Guardians with an ensemble cast that has exceeded anything yet seen in the Marvel/DC movie worlds. I don't pertain to the DC versus Marvel argument, but this masterpiece alone has certainly put Marvel on the front foot in terms of cinema outings, far surpassing the very enjoyable Man of Steel and, I believe, edging out Nolan's trilogy and then some - Dougal_95

The Grand Budapest Hotel

This was the tale of Gustave H, the legendary and infamous Concierge of The Grand Budapest Hotel, a rather glamorous edifice perched atop a mountain and his protégé and most trusted friend Zero, The Lobby Boy. This is a tale of friendship, murder, revenge and deep dark plotting. There were some completely ridiculous moments which were quite refreshing and several, what I like to call Guffaw moments where several members of the audience emit a loud blast of laughter followed by slightly hysterical giggling that you find yourself joining in with. As I said a host of stars in this film ranging from Ralph Fiennes, Jeff Goldblum, Jude Law and Bill Murray to Tilda Swinton, Owen Wilson and Harvey Keitel to name a few, but one of the outstanding performances must go to Tony Revolori, a relatively unknown young actor who plays Zero, who is In almost every scene. An entertaining film, worth watching - Figgy66-915-598470

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The action scenes were fantastic when I saw the resume of the Russos's movies I was a little worried, now I think they might have to worry about being type cast as action movie directors. There are a few changes from the comic book story line but they are not distracting. The Winter Solider is a movie that greatly expands and shakes the foundation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Stay for the two end credit sequences. I really enjoyed this movie and recommend it. If it's action you want. Go see the Captain - scarinny

How to Train Your Dragon 2

This movie hits it out of the park regarding all the important factors . Storytelling, voice cast and animation is top class. The kids will get entertained and the parents even more so, because the movie is intelligent as well as fun.
The dragon's depictions are very amazing, you find yourself smitten by these creatures and also caring for the human characters.
Is it better than the first film? Yes, with improvements in the areas of emotion and magnitude. This one is also very different than the first one.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)

I love Fantasy film which usually means I take care not to coddle films in this genre and maybe in the case of The Battle of the Five Armies this has made me overly critical. That being said, I enjoyed it, but I definitely have some disappointment to this, the final installment of The Hobbit. - Franco Strydom

The Imitation Game

This is the best British movie that I've saw in a long time, and it's probably one of the best movies that I've ever had the pleasure of watching, period.
I would recommend going to watch this movie when it comes out because it will take you into the world of Mr. Turing and the struggles and successes he made in his short life. - Darrin Reay

Gone Girl

Okay I give that the pacing and the emotional set-up of the film are solid. The film has done a decent job in creating the atmosphere of a good thriller with emotional unrest and excitement from a viewer. - Jake J

Horrible Bosses 2

I am a fan of the original movie and I love this one even more. What impressed me is that it did not try to clone plot of first movie. This one has it's own flavor. I laughed my tail off throughout whole movie. There was not one dull moment. Once again the chemistry between Sudeikis, Bateman & Day was perfect & hilarious. I really hope a third Horrible Bosses is made! The rest of the cast was perfect as well and brought a lot to the table. Returning cast Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx & Kevin Spacey as well as new members Chris Pine (who was a riot!) and Christoph Waltz were perfect. As I stated above, i really hope a third movie is made and if so I hope it does not take three years to be released. I highly recommend this! - McQueenMaddenTeutulSudeikis




Boyhood is the most rewarding film I have seen at Sundance Film Festival. Linklater somehow manages to authentically capture 12 years of life experiences into a beautiful and moving 3 hour film. You feel a genuine connection with these characters as you watch them literally age right before your eyes. The Q&A afterward with Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette and Richard Linklater was incredible. Something tells me this is the movie everyone will be talking about throughout the year and I can't wait to see it again. - Cineman17

The Theory of Everything

We are all familiar with the story and with Steven Hawking. His groundbreaking work 'A brief History of Time' and devastating disabilities propelled him irrevocably into the public consciousness and immortal fame. But few of us could understand the complexities of his personal life and the shocking divorce in 1990 from his long sacrificing wife of more than 25 years. Indeed that episode served to darken his reputation in the minds of many, including myself, who felt ill at ease with anyone who could leave a partner who had done so much for him just at the long awaited moment when international fame and recognition finally arrived - Richard von Lust

Mr. Turner

I think the film is worth watching if you love art, though I must add that my wife does love it and hated the film. Overall the film is sordid and morbidly concerned with Turner's physical decline albeit against a backdrop of wonderful (and thankfully not too pretty) visual compositions. The cinematography is great, the depiction of those times very interesting, and the acting mostly good. I had misgivings about Timothy Spall beforehand, I find he overshadows the characters he plays. It's true here also but not as much as I'd dreaded. I'm very iffy with Mike Leigh as a director. Individual scenes in his films seem to exist separately from all other scenes so there is no story, no connected narrative. Each exists on its own as a lake when a good film is a river, however slowly it flows. - philipmagnier