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Content Marketing Tools For WordPress Website Owners in 2015


Among all the writing tools, Uberflip is a highly advance tool that allows you to create ebooks or PDFs on your blog. Being a simple yet effective tool, it enables you to do so. Moreover, you can get stats that show you how popular your content is. Get more tools here




Remember that more organized you are, the smoother the content marketing process will be as Trello is one of the best places to organize all of your ideas. It is a free, flexible and visual way to organize anything with anyone. Get more tools here




When it comes to following popular blogs, not every single blog is worth following, so Alltop ranks and organizes the top blogs across the web, so you can get complete idea what others are writing about. Get more tools here

linkedin pulse

LinkedIn, a highly popular professional site, has developed a product that is quite similar with RSS feed. A new product ‘Pulse’ enables you to subscribe the most particular topics and interest so that you know what is being discussed. Get more tools here

Meme Generator

Many of you all may think that developing funny and fun-loving images is difficult and time-consuming process, but not at all. Now, just with a few mouse clicks and keyboard strokes, you can easily develop memes in minutes on Meme Generator. Get more tools here

Google Docs

A lot of bloggers prefer to write their blog in WordPress, but instead of writing it in WordPress, they should consider writing it first in Google Docs. It will be extremely helpful for people to spot grammar as well as spelling mistakes. Moreover, you can also collaborate with others when you need any help.

Create infographics & online charts |

Before, it was quite difficult for people to create graphs and pie charts as they were considering it as the ugliest task, but now not. Now, you can easily develop attractive and pretty charts and graphs that generate more social shares. Get more tools here

Text Broker

If possible, you should write your own content, but you do not have time to write, you should make use of Text Broker that can take care of your writing process. The authors of Textbroker deliver high-quality content at the most competitive price, so you should opt for this wonderful option.


Within WordPress, you can prefer blogging as TinyMCE is a great tool, which make sure you are using right grammar and spelling. Get more tools here




Are you looking forward for a tool that handles everything for you? Kapost is worth checking-out tool that can help you with scheduling and writing. A lot more you can do with this tool, so checking-out this tool is the best option for you. Get more tools here




When it comes to choosing an instant photo edit tool, Skitch is a great and highly effective photo editing tool that is perfect from screen captures to quick photo editing. It is true that it does not have as many features as Photoshop, but it is extremely easy to use.


Today, Shareist is one such tool that can help with the whole content marketing cycle like from capturing across the web to embedding links as well as videos. Especially made for small as well as medium businesses, this tool works wonderfully. Get more tools here

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar is a right and perfect tool for all the bloggers, who the hang of blogging as this tool makes it easily possible for people to see their posts and drag and drop them to manage their blog.




We all know that it is a daunting task to out pushing out all your content to all the social websites, but Buffer make it extremely easy as it can do so with just one click. It makes it extremely easy for you share any page that you are reading.


As we all know that email considered as an excellent way of generating traffic to your blog, so GetResponse is a great option as you can start collecting emails on your blog and then just do an email blast to your list every single time you publish a new piece of content.

Google Blog Search

Using Google Blog Search, you can easily find appropriate blogs within your industry. If you find some best blogs, you can read their content and start commenting and offer some great information as it will be helpful you to generate number of people to your blog that can boost your readership!




One of the best sources of traffic is Yoast that can help you to optimize your blog so that you can maximize your rankings. So, what are you thinking? Just check-out this tool and easily optimize your blog and website! Get more tools here

Audience Bloom

Audience Bloom comes with an internal tool, which is extremely helpful for all the companies to get guest posts. It only charges you at the time when their tool helps you out in landing a guest post from relevant websites. Currently, it is the only best way to boost your referral traffic and obtain new readers to your blog. Get more tools here




It is not always possible that your followers are online when you are tweeting about your products and services, so Tweroid is one such tool that can help you out in determining the optimal twitting time to get the most exposure. It is the only tool that can determine the optimal twitting time, so check-out this tool.




It is not always possible that your followers are online when you are tweeting about your products and services, so Tweroid is one such tool that can help you out in determining the optimal twitting time to get the most exposure. It is the only tool that can determine the optimal twitting time, so check-out this tool. Get more tools here


If you are looking to generate more traffic on your website, Outbrain is something that is extremely a good source for cheap traffic. Get more tools here


Oktopost is one of the best content marketing tools for WordPress professionals that enable to schedule your content distribution before any day or time to social networking sites like Twitter social profiles, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and so on from single platform. Get more tools here


Today, BuzzSumo is one of the most powerful tools that most of the content marketers and SEO campaigners are using. It is the best tool that allows people to instantly identify what and which content is working well in the industry.

Google Trends

As we all know that Google Trends is a public web facility of Google that shows people that how often a particular keyword is entered and searched. Through Google Trends, Owners can be pointed in the right direction as it shows search volume for various phrases and keywords.




Are you facing difficulty in getting a unique and cool idea or title? Portent is the best tool, where you just need to type a keyword and it will help you to generate catchy titles for you. While using this tool, ensure that you do not capitalize keywords and use the singular version of your keyword.

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