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10 Signs That You Are Passionate About Reading

Passion is a crucial ingredient to success and if you love reading, then this might be just the right time to see if you love this hobby. Finding a thing that you feel most enthusiastic about, often changes the perception of a person. There will be a time when you did not even loved the...

10 Ways To Lead A Spiritual Life

Spirituality - the mere mention of the term reminds you of religion. It is a complete misconception. Being spiritual and religious is like saying apple and banana are similar, which means clear nonsense. Spirituality is connecting with your inner self, thereby paving a way to connect with this universe.

10 Signs That You Are Passionate About Reading
Passion is a crucial ingredient to success and if you love reading, then this might be just the right time to see if you love this hobby. Finding a thing that you feel most enthusiastic about, often changes the perception of a person. There will be a time when you did not even loved the...
10 Amazing Songs by A R Rahman
Today is the maestro's birthday. Let's wish him by listening to his 10 amazing works. 1 - Dil Se Re 2 - Kya Karen Kya Na Karen 3 - Roja Janeman 4 - Ramta Jogi 5 - O Re Chori 6 - Saathiya 7 - Jo Bhi Main Kehna...
Why Should You Read Dork Series?
I don't know how many of you even know about "Dork" trilogy but it is one of the most interesting , funny and informative series(Fiction of course! ) I have ever read. It sheds light on the current management system of corporate world and to what lengths you go to survive it.
15 Songs To Propose Without The Fear Of Getting No As The Answer
We all like someone but are scared to confess to that special person. The next time you are in a group with that person start playing Antakshari and sing these 15 songs looking at that person. If you get a smile its a yes else just pretend that you were playing Antakshari only.
10 Songs To Turn The Heat Up
Are you with your special one and want to turn the heat up? Just play these 10 songs and your partner won't be able to keep his/her hands off you: 1 - Tip Tip Barsa Pani - Mora 2 - Bahon Ke Darmiyan - Khamoshi 3 - Pehli Baar Mohobbat Ki Hai -...
10 Album Songs Which Everyone Forgot
We had many amazing album songs which we almost forgot. Lets have a quick recap: 1 - Tu Kab Ye Jaanegi - Sonu Nigam 2 - Dooba Dooba Rehta Hun - Mohit Chauhan 3 - Tum To Thehre Pardesi - Altaf Raja 4 - Made In India - Alisha Chinoi 5...
10 Hindi Songs With the Funniest Lyrics
Hindi songs are very innovative when it comes to lyrics. We could not stop laughing when we heard these 10 songs: 1 - Angana Me Baba, Duaare Pe Maa 2 - Bade Kaam Ka Bandar 3 - Zeher Hai Ki Pyaar Hai Tera Chumma 4 - Laal Laal Honthon Pe Gori Kiska...
Monday Morning Songs
If you hate Monday mornings, try singing these songs to your boss. It will be fun and you will start loving Mondays. 1 - Khun Choos Le - Go Goa Gone 2 - Give Me Some Sunshine - 3 Idiots 3 - Ye Kya Hua - Amar Prem Don't know whats happening to...
10 Tips for Artistic Photography
What do we say, when we see a beautiful picture of the setting sun or that of a puppy sleeping all cuddled up in a blanket? So cute, isn't it. Photographs are an amazing way of storing all our wonderful memories for a lifetime and everyone does it too.
Worried about your Six Packs?
Six Pack Abs - All you want to know Worried about how to get Six Pack Abs? Here are some tips and facts which will help you to achieve your goal. Abs is all about Fat percentage in your body and the fact is that you do not need to create abs.
10 New Year Foodie Resolutions
What comes to your mind when you think of New Year? Of course it should be the resolution making period, where you decide on the most important changes which you would want to make to enhance your lifestyle. Especially the resolutions made for losing weight and eating healthy food at the right time are the...
The 10 Must Know Reasons For Staying Fit And Healthy
"I am slim; I don't have any healthy issues; so I am fit"! This is a statement many of us would have come cross from our slimmer counterparts. But, does thin equals to fit? Never! Fat or thin, you have to stay fit and there need not be specific reasons for that.
How to get that Kick-Ass Bum in Gym
S-curves are dreamy affairs that continue to be elusive. No matter how many hours you spend in the gym pushing that outrageous elliptical machine, your rear simply refuses to grab the eye balls. The mirror is your obvious companion that can get you an S-curve. We call it a kick-ass bum.
10 Healthy Promises To Make To Yourself
Here are 10 healthy promises you can make to yourself which are simple to keep. Just pick one from these and adhere to it; others will follow automatically. I am letting the slim in Losing weight is the most popular healthy promise made across the world.
Gym Exercises that Can Fire Your Relationship!
Zillion advertisements from millions of health clubs make 'fad' promises of transforming you into a diva or a he-man. Why you get attracted has nothing to do with your health... It is all about those tricky hormones and roving pheromones that search for new relationships. Roll over the yoga pads, paddle those chains or just...
Gift Yourself A Cleansed Body With These Detox Diet Foods
You had been partying all these days. But, did you ever think of your body? Was it actually partying or just waiting for you to come down to earth from the seventh heaven of celebrations? The latter would be its state. It is now time for your body to party and enjoy some fabulous gifts....
Organic VS. Non-organic foods
Organic foods are a result of the processes that do not involve the use of synthetics like chemical fertilizers and the harmful pesticides. Non-organic food items, on the other hand make use of all the harmful synthetics to produce finished goods. While there are many who choose the organic food over the Non organic one's,...
Refresh Your Breakfast With Baked Cannelloni
Introduction: Cannelloni is cylindrical Italian pasta usually served baked with a filling and sauce. It happens to be a very delicious meal for all. A number of types of cannelloni require to be boiled earlier, whereas for others, it is sufficient to make use of a more thin sauce or else filling.
We Bet You Can't Eat These
Richness, aromatic herbs, colourful spices, and flavour - these are the words that come to your mind when someone refers to Indian food. Indian curries, breads and desserts, especially 'mithais', are world famous. But there's something more about Indian food that you surely won't be knowing. We call it 'bizarre'!You read it right!
Why You Should Turn On The Stove Right Now
For some cooking is just a daily chore, but for others cooking is a passion, a stress reliever. Yes!If you love cooking simply turn on the stove, prepare your favorite dish and you will be amazed to see your anxiety and tension vanish amidst the flavors of your delicacy.