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Updated by C Vencato on May 30, 2015
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Best Rated Pink Ear Protection for Shooting

Pink ear protection for shooting is for ladies who enjoy shooting and honing their skills at the range, but just because they take part in a largely male dominated sport, doesn't mean they have to look like a man! Take a look at these fun and highly recommended feminine pink ear protectors for shooting, including pink electronic ear muffs:-

Mossy Oak Lula Women's Shooting Muff, Pink

Mossy Oak Lula Women's Shooting Muff, Pink : Pink Camo Ear Protection : Sports & Outdoors.
I love my ear muffs. They are very cute and comfortable. They work great for keeping the noise down when we go shooting.

Shooting Range Eye and Ear Protection

Whenever you go shooting, be sure to wear ear and eye protection. A single gunshot can cause immediate and permanent hearing loss. Look for NRR ratings of 25 or greater for ear protection, and Z87+ for eye protection. Don't take chances with your eyes or ears.

Pro-Ears Ultra Passive 28 Shooting Hearing Protection Headset - Pink PE-28-U-G Pink RealTree Camo

Let me start by saying that I love these ears, they do the job and look great. They are not an obnoxious pink, its nice & neutral for a pink. Love that they fold up in themselves so they fit in the range bag well. The head strap fits my 4 yr/o daughter and extends to fit a large adult head.

Radians Custom Molded Earplugs (Pink)

This pink molded earplug kit is designed to fit YOUR ears exactly, just follow the easy instructions and use them like I do as an extra layer of protection WITH the pink ear muffs.

Best Rated Pink Ear Protection for Shooting

Here are some best rated ear muffs for shooting; for best results double up with the pink ear protection ear plugs - remember it only takes a single gunshot to damage your hearing permanently.

Pink Shooting Ear Protection - Passive Ear Muffs

Pink ear protection for shooting is fun yet essential. 120 decibels of noise can lead to hearing loss, a single gunshot can be 150 - 175 decibels, do not take any chances and be sure to wear your ear protection at all times when on the shooting range.

Best Rated Pink Ear Protection for Shooting

Best rated pink ear protection for shooting - pink ear plugs and passive ear muffs.

Best Pink Ear Protection for Shooting

Ladies! Just because you shoot in a predominantly man's world, it doesn't mean you have to look like one. Joking aside though, your hearing is precious, do not take any chances with it - it only takes one gunshot to permanently damage your hearing.

Best rated Pink Ear Protection - Pink Ear Muffs and Plugs

Protect yourself with this best rated ear protection for shooting including ear muffs and plugs.

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