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Building Information Modeling

Why Architectural Engineering Firms Outsource MEP Shop Drawings

Frequently architectural & engineering firms outsource MEP shop drawing to emphasis speed of the lead time and accurate drafting. 2D & 3D MEP drawings will help to make an efficient plan design & coordination for the MEP contractors, consultants and HVAC contractors.

Benefits of using BIM for General Contractors

BIM compromises the benefits of time and budget savings for building and infrastructure projects such as to build a construct planning & scheduling, process design, reduced the risk, increase productivity for the general contractors.

BIM to Boost up Your Infrastructural Competitiveness, Globally

BIM modeling or 3D BIM model utilize to enhancing efficiencies as the project progresses, since all data is contained in a single area, and help contractors to identify the clash detections. Get insight here, why BIM modeling can boost the infrastructural competitiveness?

Structural BIM services – Inevitable Prior to Construction

Structural BIM services is help the contractors, architects, and structural engineers to analyzed and visualized the building structure process that will show the realistic view. For these scenario structural BIM services are simply inevitable for any construction procedure.

How To Use BIM In Facilities Management?

Posted by: Nikunj Patel | Posted on: June 23rd, 2014 Evolution, growth and acceptance of BIM is impressive. This technology clearly adds value to a construction project right through the stages of conceptualization, design, construction scheduling, cost estimation, facility management, renovation and demolition.

Civic Centre Parks Palisades Garden Walk + Town Square

Level of Detailing (LOD300) modelling according to AIA standards for a reputed public park in the city of USA. Read more at

MEP Design and Installation Challenges; BIM is the Ultimate Solution

Know how well BIM play the important role in MEP design and MEP installation challenges. And why BIM becomes the best choice for MEP contractors and consultants.

3D Modeling of Buildings - Changing Trends and Evolution in the AEC Industry

3D Modeling provides the user a realistic look of the building design and also feel them a part of the 3D environment. Let see the evolution and changing trends of 3D modeling in AEC industry.

Highly Realistic 3D Furniture Design & Rendering Project Samples

Our 3D CAD Designers are experts in creating highly realistic furniture designs using the best rendering and modeling software. We deliver fast and cost effective 3D designs without making any mistakes. Read more at

How important is BIM for Smaller Firms as much as it is for Larger Firms?

BIM plays most important role in handling & managing a wide plethora of information for smaller firms & larger firms. It also becomes the medium of transparent communication & coordination.

With BIM, EPC Firms Cannot Charge More - But They Can Charge Differently

As the owners raise their bar of expectation with BIM, simply delivering BIM models in 3D will not be sufficient. Strengthening of quality and integrity of BIM deliverables and project requirements aligned with the owner’s strategy for facility life cycle is becoming the need of the hour. The ball fall in the court of EPC firms when it comes to value addition and achieving a great partnership with their clients through BIM and level up with their rising expectations by leveraging BIM data.

Inch by Inch; BIM Usage is Taking Big Leaps

Clash detection and resolution and delivering rendered as-built models to clients for design intent are more effective when done with BIM. With significant reduction in materials waste, reworks, and reduced project timelines, it has empowered AEC professionals in bringing down the overall cost of construction, approximately by 20%.

For Airport Construction; Find yourself a BIM expert & not just a Harvard graduate

By far, the most revolutionary change brought by virtual design and construction through BIM 4D models, is freeing up contractors and site engineers from guess work. It ties up the loose ends while installing components and puzzle pieces from design plans in the manner of engineering principles and rules.

BIM process challenges: Your BIM is not the same as my BIM

Virtual Reality tools have contributed considerably towards the growth of BIM especially for architects and design consultants. Phones, headsets and other eye-pieces have refined and elevated the way designs are perceived and approved today.

Doing-BIM doesn’t necessarily undo-quantity surveyors

With BIM Level 2 implementation, the concept has been upgraded a bit, from platform to process, and more contractors, architects, engineers and facility managers have started relying upon BIM.

Overcoming BIM Implementation Challenges with a Change in Mindsets

When imparting skills and investing in BIM becomes necessary but impossible, the best way is to partner with a BIM service provider who can understand your requirements, be it architecture, structure, MEP, design coordination, interference solutions, or construction schedule.

How to ensure the Correctness of BIM Implementation?

Implementing BIM Level 2 should eradicate silos and integrate the data in a holistic sense. Bottom-line is design stakeholders consolidate this data, be it laser scanned data, the point could or GIS – whatsoever, consolidate this data on BIM platform. Stay organized stay profitable!

BIM: Building Information Monitoring of Construction works for Building Surveyors

Amid preserving architecture and cultural heritage, building surveyors are equipped with data obtained through end-to-end surveying. As a result, laser scanning technique has become a common adoption now. Tripod-mounted total station has now been replaced by tripod-mounted scanners. Laser scanning or gathering point cloud data is radically different in output quality, workarounds and keeps the user from incurring unnecessary expenses.

From BIM 3D to 4D: Don’t be a self-proclaimed BIM user

Off course, let us not forget that 3D still lies at the center of design and construction, but it can be refined with 4D for planning and scheduling. Since contractors are more eager to manage their onsite tasks, design consultants, too, are embracing collaborative approach in 4D BIM to manage client relations.

Investment in “BIM for infrastructure” saves costs at global level

BIM manages these aspects through digital medium of a federal BIM model that is capable of generating accurate RFIs, construction documentation, coordinating and issuing work orders for interdisciplinary activities and much more.

BIM implementation across the UK and the struggles the industry faces when executing BIM level 2

Upcoming times will need better collaboration and better communication throughout the construction value chain. As a result, the higher the project information sharing, the better the project implementation will be. We need to go back to the original idea of BIM implementation – better sharing project data – to get acquainted with the BIM level 2, and pave the way ahead to welcome BIM level 3 workflows.

EPC Firms can leverage Offsite Construction for insightful Execution and Planning | BIMCommunity

BIM in offsite construction is used for ease of planning and execution. It reduces the overall cost by proper resource management. 4D BIM modeling aligns 3D models with time/schedule-related information. This 4D planning helps architects, engineers, designers and constructors to exceed 3D BIM models by controlling, manipulating, and showing the building.

Insightful Execution and Planning for EPC firms with Offsite Construction

BIM in offsite construction is used for ease of planning and execution. It reduces the overall cost by proper resource management. 4D BIM modeling aligns 3D models with time/schedule-related information. This 4D planning helps architects, engineers, designers and constructors to exceed 3D BIM models by controlling, manipulating, and showing the building.

How vital is BIM for sheet metal fabrication?

BIM for sheet metal fabrication sounds as a global misnomer since it has several preconceived and inherent applications in core construction flow works, but the evolvement and adoption of building information modeling continues to grow across building construction industry at a significant rate.

How Outsourcing Clash Detection and Risk Mitigation Services can Save Building Development Costs?

Building Construction development is one of hardest work to execute. The complete analysis and design can give better outcomes to the contractors as well. That’s why the BIM MEP clash detection risk mitigation requirements for any building construction that help to effective inspection, detection, and reporting interferences and risks in a 3D & 4D BIM model using Revit and Navisworks.